View Full Version : Maple w/BLO

Scott Parks
06-26-2005, 2:50 PM
A couple weeks ago, I promised to snap some photos of Maple with BLO vs. natural without BLO. Just to compare how much the BLO will yellow the maple.

First pic is the cabinet with very light BLO rubbed on, then 2 coats of Target waterbase EmTech8800 sealer sprayed, followed by a light sanding, and then 2 coats sprayed High Gloss waterbase Varathane Poly. (I haven't attatched the false front on yet below the sink)

Second Pic is a close up of all the contrasting colors and variations of the Maple. The top strip underneath the granite is completely natural and unfinished that I held up for comparison. The face frames are veneered maple, and the drawer fronts are solid. There is a huge difference in how much the BLO yellows the thin veneer and plywood panel in the door compared to the solid lumber. Also, check out the top right drawer. It came from the same board, but was at the opposite end of the board. It is very curly, and more red/yellow tones. The rest of the board was more of a blonde color.

Hope this clears up the questions regarding BLO yellowing maple, and ALSO applying waterbase products over BLO. YOU BE THE JUDGE!

Jim Benante
06-27-2005, 12:05 PM
Thanks Scott. I Decide to go with BLO, Super Blonde Shellac, then Target WB Lacquer for the crib I am working on. I have some canary wood as accents. Here is a pic of what BLO does to canary wood. Maple with BLO is underneath. Not quite what I expected, but I am happy with the color.