View Full Version : A relaxing Sunday

Moses Yoder
05-04-2014, 6:15 PM
We had my daughter's graduation yesterday and my wife is an introvert, I knew it would drain her energy. This morning I suggested to her that we just stay at home and refuel today. She replied "Great; how do you feel about hanging some pictures?" She had gotten some from her grandfather's estate recently plus we had rearranged our living room and needed to move some pictures plus she had cross stitching that had never been hung. I was out of drywall anchors so we went to Menards and bought a box of twenty. I fixed the front door and started hanging pictures; there are 5 drywall anchors left. This would not be bad except there is no image of the amount of time it took to decide where to hang what. After we were done I fed the dogs and helped wash the dishes. Now I am going to refuel with what's left of my day.

Raymond Fries
05-04-2014, 6:21 PM
Oh Yes the where to hang what adventure. Been there before. But time with the family doing things together are the best.

Enjoy Life...