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tony mazzone
05-03-2014, 7:37 PM
I want to create custom Keychain shapes that are laser cut and engraved. Can anyone recommend Romarks type plastics that will hold up to the abuse on a keychain? Possibly a material with the same front and back but a different core color. I would really like to cut leather to shapes. I like how it engraves but I don't like how the edges char.
Any ideas would be appreciated.


Bill Stearns
05-03-2014, 8:13 PM
Tony -
I have engraved 'n cut leather key chains before; know what you mean 'bout the char 'round the edges. My customer was actually pleased (go figure) with that "look", so I never got back to trying to mask off the areas 'fore cutting. Would probably solve the problem. ? Also: I have created key chains using colored plexi - just an idea. And, of course, LaserBits offers pre-shaped key chains - but, these won't help if you have unique shapes in mind. Lastly: I don't believe Rowmark has a plastic engravable from both sides - but, boy! if you find out they do - let me know! Good luck.


Tony Lenkic
05-03-2014, 9:16 PM
Tony & Bill,

You can sure get Rowmark 3 ply (engravable both sides) in LaserMax sheet stock. Check specifications on their site.
For key chains better choice would be Rowmark Colorhues or Colorcast acrylics sheet stock. Colorhues opaque can be engraved on both sides. IPI also has comparable sheet stock (check their web site for details).
You can also check other suppliers for opaque cast acrylics that are well suited for laser cutting/engraving.

Bert Kemp
05-03-2014, 9:39 PM
Tony what do you have for equipment?
I laser leather key chains all the time. if you get your settings fine tuned you can really minimize the charring and with a little post laser work on the leather its almost not noticeable at all. You want to cut the leather at the lowest power and fastest speed you can. With leather tho you only going to get one side that's nice. After you cut the leather go over the edges with some very find sand paper. I use my dremel and those little round sanding drums they have for it ,then take a lighter and quick burn off the little frizzy's , Get some leather edge kote and do the edges and you'll never see the charring.

Mike Null
05-04-2014, 6:45 AM
I used to laminate engraver's plastic with solvent cement.

It is important to use an s hook or d ring to connect to the plastic then to a key ring. That will absorb some of the stress. Johnson Plastic also sells a plastic clip to fit in the plastic or leather for this purpose. That item is on page 114 of their online catalog and here is a link to some other options.


Mark Lawrence Trophyman
05-06-2014, 1:21 AM
Axelrodco in New York sells key ring findings