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Chris J Anderson
04-30-2014, 7:58 AM
Hi to All,

This is not an ad, I am just a very happy user of this plug in for Corel, which I purchased through the Graphics Unleashed site www.unleash.com

I have read somewhere on this forum that there isn't a way to do the following in corel...
- Measure the total vector/cut length in corel, for accurate pricing of vector work.
- Measure the total area for accurate raster pricing.
- Make a single line font so that you can use vectors to quickly laser text (Neon function in ecut).

e-cut does all of this and HEAPS more, I am amazed at the just how many features are in this software for the price.

You can also...
- Do nesting of objects
- Calculate cutting times
- Create weed lines for vinyl cutters
- Search for duplicate objects
- Create sets of lines, grids.
- Create quick isometrics.

I have emailed the programmer 3 times now with minor support queries, and have had very fast responses.

There are a few small quirky things with the fact that the writer is Russian, so there are a couple of minor confusing wordings on some of the buttons etc, but nothing that you don't work out very quickly.

I have also just installed a vinyl cutter / plotter, and the ecut comms directly to the plotter.
The corel plugin that came with the plotter was useless, but the ecut software worked on the first attempt.

You can download it with a trial period, and there are heaps nice video examples of the functions on the e-cut website.

I'm using Windows 8 on a mac, through vmware fusion, and Coreldraw X6, and it all runs very stable.

Highly recommended piece of software :)
It can be downloaded for trial at www.eng.e-cut.ru


Mike Lysov
05-01-2014, 4:39 AM
I am using it too and it helps a lot with nesting. Moreover it has dxf export feature and it works very good for me.
The bad thing it can only be installed on one PC.

Keith Upton
05-01-2014, 8:50 AM
What is the nesting feature you guys are talking about?

Chris J Anderson
05-01-2014, 8:55 AM
Hi Kieth,

If you have a range of shapes / objects, and you wish to arrange them in as smaller area as you can for efficiency of material use, it will automatically lay them out for you.

Its not perfect, but still does a good job.

There are a heap of other features in this software just as useful.


Keith Upton
05-01-2014, 9:56 AM
Thanks Chris. Are you able to tell it how much space you want between each object?

Chris J Anderson
05-01-2014, 10:18 AM
Yes you can set separation, plus distance from margins, also you can separate by colour and a few other options.

Its a pretty good package.

Have a play with the trial version, or visit the website there are some easy to view examples at the bottom of the main page.