View Full Version : Submersible pump failed and took out 60w tube

Rodne Gold
04-30-2014, 7:15 AM
We use the CW3000 cooler on our 60w (cheap tube) , submersible pump in the cooler failed and the tube popped , we are now converting to an 80w Reci with an 80w Power supply (very easy) and are getting a new pump (from an aquarium shop)
1st "major" problem in 3 years of using the chinese machine.. and the total repair cost , including tube and PS is around $700 or less...ah well , it' not TOO bad...
A cheap tube to replace old 60w one (we do't have a spare on hand) is around $180 for tube and the same for freight...

matthew knott
04-30-2014, 8:34 AM
Do you not have a flow switch? that should have 'saved the day' as the tubes are full of water and should run happily for several seconds beforem temperature becomes a big issue!

Rodne Gold
05-01-2014, 1:22 AM
Come to think of it , Im not sure how my workshop manager determined that the tube had gone..maybe it was ok and the flow meter was shutting it off...? I will have a look tommorrow (public holiday here today - mayday..)
At any rate , we are still changing to a 80w Reci to have both machines use the same settings etc... We just have to reconfigure the plugs to the reci PS by back tracing wires .. the chinese seem to mix and match colours in different machines

George M. Perzel
05-01-2014, 3:22 AM
Hi Rodne;
Don't you have a CW5000 for your other machine? If so, it can easily handle two tubes as in my setup.
Best Regards,

Rodne Gold
05-02-2014, 2:18 AM
Yeh, I have a cw5000 , but I have got a new pump for $40 - better than old one. so we will use the CW3000..
The Tube is actually broken , so Reci it is..

matthew knott
05-02-2014, 8:27 AM
Might want to check the flow switch then before you wire in the reci, you dont want a simple water flow issue being able to take an expensive tube!!

Rodne Gold
05-02-2014, 9:51 AM
We up and running and engraving better than old one , tried some real small Arial text on rowmark and it was nice and crisp and readable and VERY commercially acceptable to the point that the lettering would not be readable , even close up

Cuts like a champ.

Swapping out the PS was actually easier then we thought , we had to rewire the I/O plugs ,

On each box its marked at the pugs with what it expecs , like 5V etc

All we did is we made sure that the wires form the old machine were in accordance to what the new PS is wanting.

Ran the chiller with the new submersible pump for 20 minutes while it debubbled the tube (tilted it a few times to make sure)

Mountiung the tube was easy , the tube mounts we have accommodate the RECI which is fatter than the old tube

These mounts have concentric inner sub mounts , so a fatter tube still has the beam exit in the same place the thinner one does once you remove inner circles of the mounts.
If you had V mounts , you would have to lower them so the laser exit is the same , or you can fabricate other mounts in acrylic with your own laser....

We checked flow valve...

We fired up after that..

Very easy , very simple , outstanding results (crossed fingers) - We now have true uniformioty in terms of spares and settings that are interchangeable and common between both machines and one set of spares is fine... works on either..always been a fan of more of the same machines doing the same job rather than one bigger one or 2 different one, if you want to upgrade or increase production

I really love the chinese way of making bits and bobs , even between brands, interchangeble and simple to work on or upgrade....

No photo's - sorry!!!