View Full Version : Mercury / Laserpro Lid Struts

Jerry Allen
04-27-2014, 4:54 PM
Instead of burying this post in an unrelated thread I figured it would be more useful to have its own thread.

My struts on my Mercury bled out a few years ago.
I got a set of Columbia Strut CS1000-20 and they work fine although they were a bit too powerful to start with.
After a few months I was able to remove a book I had used to keep the lid down. It would pop up 1/4 inch.
Those are 10 inch extension, 20 pounds of force. 10 pounds would probably be a better choice, but Columbia does not make a 10 inch in that pressure.
http://columbiastruts.com/Columbia-Struts-CS1000-20.html $9.95.
Here is another choice that should work better from "strut-your-stuff-here" on eBay:
This link is for a Nitro-Pro 10 inch, 10 pound strut for $12.99.
I have ordered form these guys before with no complaint.

Mike Null
04-28-2014, 7:31 AM

I removed the ebay link.

A few years back I replaced the ones on my ULS with Guden struts.