View Full Version : Epilog Machine Warranty does not transfer!!!!

Peter Meacham
04-11-2014, 5:37 PM
I recently purchased, from another person, a used Epilog EXT engraver that was still under factory warranty.

I thought it would be prudent to advise Epilog of the transfer of ownership so I could get any warranty parts shipped to me, if I had any problems, rather than shipped to the old owner.

Unfortunately, I was told after I advised Epilog of the transfer that the factory warranty does not transfer to the new owner - stupid me.

I would have thought a warranty goes with a product, such as most reputable companies would do. After all, even used, this engraver costs more than many new cars - and a warranty transfers with a car.

Very disappointing given all the praise that Epilog seems to get about being a pro customer company.

So, a word to the wise regarding Epilog...

Paul Phillips
04-11-2014, 6:42 PM
Peter, I can understand your frustration but try to see the bigger picture here, not that anyone is to blame but if someone had taken the time to read the fine print (which no one ever does), I would bet Epilog probably states in their warranty that it's not transferable, it's just one of those things that you would assume, but fir whatever reason that's the way they do it. The other thing to consider is that they do have a stellar reputation for customer service for a reason, I don't even own one but have only ever heard that they will go completely out of their way to help people so try to look at this way, the warranty is usually only for one year and it is rarely ever needed because of the great quality so you really didn't miss out on anything, now correct me if I'm wrong but they will still help you with expert tech support and trouble shooting and next day parts shipping regardless of where the machine originated, yes you will have to pay for parts after the warranty but I would bet that it is extremely rare to have anything break while it's still that new, so that means you are still as fortunate as any other Epilog owner to have one of the best machines available!
Congratulations and hope you enjoy it!

Bill Stearns
04-11-2014, 8:03 PM
I believe Paul has offered you some darn good points to think 'bout. Still, I'll jump in for 'minute. Turn back time: Wondering - would a non-transferable warranty made the difference in your purchase of an Epilog? If you had a second choice of pre-used equipment, would it have had a transferable warranty? There are plenty of companies, out there, on which to cast aspersions (I had to look this word up: Webster's - slanderous or defamatory remarks) - Epilog Company should NOT be one of 'em! Rarely have I dealt with such a fine, service oriented, company! Have had my 35W going on eight years, not 'bit of trouble; other than basic replacement stuff. (belt, a motor, data strip.) So, I suggest you congratulate yourself for choosing Epilog, 'stead of beating yourself up for not reading the warranty prior to purchase. (and, NO, I don't work for Epilog! - just 'well satisfied customer of theirs.)


Rodne Gold
04-11-2014, 11:41 PM
I would NEVER buy a product like a laser I thought under warranty if the warranty was not transferred to me - I would have to have the price reduced by the cost of a tube to bite...
I also cannot possibly see the reason for a co not honouring the warrantee when the item is sold to another user.. how does that abrogate them from having the confidence in their product to warranty it?

Gary Hair
04-12-2014, 12:33 AM
I was told after I advised Epilog of the transfer that the factory warranty does not transfer to the new owner

I think you would be surprised how many warranties don't transfer if the item is sold. Not saying it's right, just that it's more likely than not.

Tim Bateson
04-12-2014, 11:14 PM
Bought my Epilog gently used (couple months old) - never even thought about the warranty. Jump forward several years. I never needed it. Epilog service has been fantastic. I didn't buy from them, but they have never hesitated to assit when I needed it. When I finally did have a motherboard go out (long after any warranty period), they assisted in every step, even following up after I replaced the board.

Mark Ross
04-16-2014, 6:45 PM
Well, my two cents are that Epilog is owned and run by ex Cirque De Soleil performers because they bend over backwards on their customer service. Been nothing short of stellar, including getting personal cell numbers from their techs to help finish fixing a problem at 9 PM CST when we were on second shift. We have all sorts of equipment at work and nobody comes even close to the support FOR FREE they offer even after a warranty period.

As far as I am concerned their 36EXT's are the Rolls Royce in the laser cutting arena. We cut and etch 6 days a week. Oh, I never finished my thread about the fire we had. Guess what we had to replace? NOTHING. Built like a brick chicken coop and made to last. Because of what we do, we cannot afford a single day of downtime. They are nothing short of spectacular when it comes to getting out parts overnight when we need them.

If we have an issue and I call their tech support, I can hit the option on the menu to wait until I can talk to someone in tech support. I have never waited more than 15 minutes and many times, I don't wait at all.

Those machines print money as we joke. Since they went in house on their lasers from Conextant, we have noticed markedly greater performance in the lasers themselves.

If we win one job we are quoting on right now, we will need 4 more 36 ext's and will buy them because the payback is 18 months or less.

I wish they had a 4'X8' unit. That is my only wish. Epilog are you listening? LOL.

Scott Shepherd
04-17-2014, 8:33 AM
That's great to hear Mark! Sounds like business is booming and Epilog is an important part of that. It's great to hear stories like that and good to know that your business is growing. It's amazing how something so small makes such a huge difference to a customer, like spending 15 minutes of your time to help a customer outside of business hours. That builds incredible customer loyalty and it's something I wish we saw more of in this business because it really does matter when you're running a business and you need help, to have someone you KNOW is going to be there for you when you.

Congratulations on your success!

Lee DeRaud
04-17-2014, 10:12 AM
I have no experience with Epilog lasers: I'm the owner of a ULS that's been out of warranty for years. But one thing I'm hearing in this thread is a strong refrain of, "Don't worry about the warranty because the Epilog is a good company with a quality product and great customer service."

Ok, that's good to know. But one important thing that makes a good company/product is how they handle warranty issues. It sounds like Epilog is very good at that...for the original owner. Buying one used (even if almost new), the value of the machine is reduced by the loss of the warranty and no amount of hand-waving will make that fact go away.

Tim Bateson
04-17-2014, 1:24 PM
...the value of the machine is reduced by the loss of the warranty and no amount of hand-waving will make that fact go away.

At a couple months old & nearly 50% off the original price, a warranty was the last thing I even considered or cared about.