View Full Version : Remote Control for Dish and cable?

Tim Morton
06-23-2005, 11:33 AM
I know we have lots of TV/HT people here so here is my questions. I have DishNetwork as my primary TV provider, but the "locals" on the dishnetwork satelite drop out frequently because of my treeline. cutting the trees will cost over $1000 bucks, so since i already connect to the "basic" adelpohia cable in the winter time to get back-up coverage for watching the Patriots on sunday...I am going to have Adelphia basic running year round starting tomorrow. My question is can anyone suggeest a "learning remote" that is "event based" that I could use to control my stereo/HT/satelite/cable....at this point cost is not an issue ( to a point..say under $300 bucks)...I have a marantz RC-2000 learning remote but it is way to complicated in my opinion...hence the desire for an events based remote...Maybe Mark can send his "ovation" guy out here to vermont...I would love to have someone come out and wrap there arms around my mess....