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Chad Fitzgerald
04-07-2014, 10:20 AM
Figured this was the best place to look.
Was asked if I could come up with a unique/creative idea for trophies for a local car show. Not looking to use the plastic posts, etc. but need to keep it reasonable and affordable. Thought I would ask everyone hear for ideas. I own a full woodworking shop as well as the laser.
Im thinking maybe a wood base with acrylic engraved and attached vertically. Led base??
lit standoffs??
Maybe cut the acrylic in the shape of a car? standoffs lit and holding it through the Hubs of the tires?
Im just starting to think through ideas, any opinions and ideas are very welcome.
this could be a yearly thing which would be great

Ross Moshinsky
04-07-2014, 10:41 AM
What is reasonable and affordable?

gary l roberts
04-07-2014, 10:49 AM
I do the work for the local car club. We build the trophy out of wood (lots of options) to which we add the category,place etc with a pic of a car type that general represents the category. It contains cost for the club and its different from the average car trophy.

Chris DeGerolamo
04-07-2014, 10:53 AM
what about some of the acrylic name bars that LaserBits sells? They have a high perceived value, especially when coupled with a custom acrylic cutout as you intend.

Chad Fitzgerald
04-07-2014, 10:55 AM
Good question Ross. I dont sell "normal" trophies so I do not know what they go for. I will checking prices in the are today to get an idea. The local car show profits generally go to local groups, schools, charities, etc., therefor they wont be looking to go go crazy on pricing in order to get something unique. However, i like the challenge to come come up with something different and staying within the price range of "normal" trophies and awards. Dont need anything "fancy", but looking to come up with something that will get "Wow, where did you find those" type comments.

Chad Fitzgerald
04-07-2014, 10:58 AM
I like that Chris, looks sharp.
Gary, do you any pics you wouldnt mind showing?

Bill Stearns
04-07-2014, 4:08 PM
CHAD - Sounds like you're heading toward a "trophy" of some sort - but, what 'bout a plaque of some type? Maybe, maybe not, uh?


dave cox
04-07-2014, 5:40 PM
Hi Chad, Always looking for unique trophies, how about something like this, 6mm clear acrylic back, light cut reverse paper backing so you can spray paint, here the black area then reverse engrave what you want through the paint (looks good with light behind and could probably led light), front 2 layers 3 mm acrylic one black one white to get a bit of depth, 5 degree cut on the bottom then attached to acrylic base so can be attached to wood base that can also be engraved. The second one 20 mm acrylic with gold paint on reverse engraved in reverse and shapes attached to the front.

Dee Gallo
04-07-2014, 7:38 PM
Hi Chad,

Here is picture of a nice trophy made by Frank Sanbria. I think he did an excellent job using layers. It makes a great impression and looks more complex than it really is. You might try a layered look like this.

Chad Fitzgerald
04-08-2014, 8:33 AM
Bill, I really like the look of that plaque, maybe i could mount something like that on a base...
Thats cool Dave, once i get their logo, i will see if i can make that work.
Dee, very sharp, any idea on how he made those.

I knew i would get neat idea here, awesome.

Keith Upton
04-08-2014, 10:10 AM
That looks really good Bill!

Doug Griffith
04-08-2014, 10:38 AM
Find a cheap flat-top engine piston, maybe from a lawnmower, float it above a wooden base using acrylic and Cermark it.