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greg lindsey
04-02-2014, 12:30 PM
Hi All, I'm normally in the engravers forum, but thought it would be best to ask this question here. I am finding more and more I am needing a metal sheer to cut 18-20 ga ss. 48" is preferred and not wanting to break the bank. Mostly for cutting 48" wide sheet down to various smaller plates. This is not my main business but rather to just cut some odd size plates when I need them. Also I could use a punch for making no larger than 1/4" holes in the same materials.
Any advise is greatly appreciated.

Keith Outten
04-02-2014, 8:33 PM

Not long ago I was in a similar situation as you and I do not have floor space in my shop for a 48" shear. Even if I had the space my need to cut sheet is not something that I have to do very often.

I purchased an electric hand help shear and a safety saw. I use the shear to rough cut my sheet and then use the safety saw to cut pieces to the exact sizes I need. The New Hermes Safety Saw is a fantastic tool, a bit expensive though unless you can find a used one.......I found mine in the Classifieds Forum here. It will cut metal sheet up to 0.040" thick and acrylic wood or plastic up to 1/4" thick.

Brian W Smith
04-03-2014, 7:10 AM
Talk with one of the site's sponsers.......Baileigh.

Be aware that,as long as there's been sheet metal equipment....there has been optimism in the gage ratings.Your two main issues(if I'm understanding)is SS and full width,48" cuts.Both of these are going to require some serious ummmmph on the machines part.

If you can keep one busy,they're mighty handy to have.We have a very nice resto'd '47 Pexto 37 with pneumatics........it's a pleasure to use.