View Full Version : LAOS Open Architecture Controller, at reasonable price.

Rolf Randby
03-27-2014, 9:27 AM
I am posting the following information to increase awareness of open an architecture controller developed in Europe, it is called LAOS. The unit is USB controlled and allows you to cut from free software namely Visicut or Inkscape
You can find more information here:
Wiki - LAOS Laser - LAOS - Laser Open Source (http://wiki.laoslaser.org/projects/laos/wiki)
Webshop | TuxIC (http://tuxic.nl/webshop)
HPC LS3020 Laser Cutter - Fablab NB + JL - JeeLabs . net (http://jeelabs.net/projects/fab/wiki/HPC_LS3020_Laser_Cutter) On this website you will find the PDF file next to the bottom for the schematic.

As you see in the one of above links, the controller can be purchased as a bare board or as assembled unit.
I have the necessary skills, so in order to save a few bucks I bought the bare main board. I will do the display/joystick controller later. It is going to control my 50 W Chinese laser cutter of unknown name and origin.
It looks like the total cost is right at $150.00 :-)