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Jacob Davalos
03-26-2014, 11:23 PM
I would like to ask for general advice and help in making a decision. Well, I am at point squeezing the trigger on sending over the bank wire. I have narrowed my choices to two specific lasers, the LG6040N from Gweike and the G460 from Shenhui.

Let me begin by saying that I got the relatively same price from both manufacturers all with the same "specs" - 80w RECI with Ruida (laserwork) board, CW-5000 and same list of spares and add-ons - so price is not a factor in decision.

From the all the pictures I get and research I have done, to me, the Shenhui looks more "industrial" as in bigger rails and frame, more of the "classic" chinese laser looks. I like the ruggedness of the chain up/down and especially the availability of pass through doors. My biggest concern is that this machine will be run inside a small office (150 square feet) and we will be using a a quatro sph-400 exhaust filter system. Really the only thing stopping me from choosing this machine over the LG6040N is the fact of all the possible ways for smoke to go beside the exhaust. Especially if I am engraving a sheet of veneer or acrylic that covers most if not all of the cutting surface (which is exactly what I plan to do) - I am concerned that since the suction comes from the funnel below the cutting surface, if the veneer covers the entire table (18x24") the smoke could waft aloft through the gate or side access panels openings or even out Z movement cracks.

The LG6040N from GWeike is the chinese attempt at a western style "pro-desktop" model. It seems the rails and and other components and even the fixtures used to hold the mirrors are of inferior quality to the more "robust" looking Shenhui. It uses only two augers for the table movement instead of the Shenhui four.
But two things keep attracting me to this machine: the sexy looks and the "completely enclosed" concept to ensure all of my smoke gets sucked up by the fume extractor, even when the cutting space (18x24") is completely covered since there is suction throughout the entire enclosed box.

So - am I right in my assumptions and/or observations. I would LOVE your thoughts and opinions.

I have talked to several owners of both machines and both seem very happy with them. Shout out to Walt because he was gracious enough to give me his number and answered a bunch of my questions in regards to the Shenhui G460.

Again my biggest concern is the clearing of the smoke completely by the filter, even when covered completely.

Attached are images of the exhaust system of the shenhui (which I am sure you are familiar with) and a screengrab of the exhaust of the GWeike.

This link to the Free Spectrum Laser is the rebranded GWeike LG6040N, so you can get an idea of what it looks like.

Bob A Miller
03-27-2014, 12:54 AM
I can't speak to the two models mentioned specifically. Both Gwieke & Shenshui have been bought successfully by a number of members on the Creek. Quality on both appear to be very similar & I think they use very similar components inside. The Gwieke 1290 I have was built a bit custom so doesn't have a cone underneath but it vents quite well. I know Gwieke appears to have moved over from Laserworks to Rdcam but I am not sure when. The only possible knock I heard on Shenshui was which sales staff was handling the order & verifying details. I expect both would work well.

There are a number if threads on the board about venting runs & air exhaust lines that would be beneficial if you hadn't seen them yet.


Rodne Gold
03-27-2014, 4:26 AM
No smoke escapes from our shenuis, even with the pass thru slots open..we have been using the blowers they sent us for 3 years.
However just about any laser - chinese and western will propogate smells in the small office you working in
As soon as you open a lid , you can smell residue etc. I would put an extractor fan in the office.
I would imagine that with either of those machines , interms of a choice , it's a case of 6 of one and 1/2 a dozen of another.

Jacob Davalos
03-27-2014, 4:41 AM
do you have the entire table covered with your cutting/engraving material?

Rodne Gold
03-27-2014, 5:29 AM
I do , plenty times

George M. Perzel
03-28-2014, 7:59 AM
Hi Jacob;
I have a much bigger Shenhui (same as Rodne) and do not have a problem- unless I forget to turn on the exhaust blower!
I also installed 3 computer fans on the front panel to blow thw smoke toward the rear extraction port-works great. See pics.
Best Regards,

Dave Sheldrake
03-28-2014, 10:13 AM
I really should do that as well George, works really well from the others I know that have done it.



Clark Pace
03-28-2014, 5:22 PM
Maybe it is just me, but my Experience with Gweike has been a nightmare. The support is ok, and they has replaced many parts. And they paid the shipping costs. Another company to look at is Redsail. So far my redsail has worked really well. Well almost. My power supply recently went out, but it may not be redsails fault. I moved the laser to a new place and when it arrived the ps did not work anymore. Getting a replaement,but I have to pay the shipping costs. Otherwise I have been perfectly happy with them. I have really cheap ebay shehui laser off ebay. For what it is, it works but could not engrave acrylic? Go figure?

I also have worked with a Hamna laser. Engraves really slow, but is very reliable. also a china laser. Well those are my tips.