View Full Version : Engraving / Cutting Richlite

James Cogbill
03-21-2014, 4:28 PM
Howdy Y'all,

Anybody know if it's safe to laser cut or engrave the material 'Richlite?' Thanks!

Larry Bratton
03-21-2014, 6:11 PM
It appears to be OK. Here is a link to the MSDS http://www.royalplywood.com/Cabinets/CabinetImages/RICHLITE-MSDS.pdf

Scott Shepherd
03-21-2014, 6:20 PM
It's safe, but it's hard as a rock. Good luck getting through it. I tried some 1/8" and it was pretty brutal. After a few tests, I handed it back to the customer and said "We can't cut this for you".