View Full Version : Training on New Laser

Robin Loewen
03-17-2014, 1:56 PM
Hello Group,

I have my new laser set up and would like to shadow or apprentice for a few days at a company in the Southern Ontario region. If anyone is interested in having me visit their shop for some learning, please contact me. As a second resort, I would be willing to travel to receive training.

I am a leather worker and will be using the laser to create my cutting patterns for handbags and engraving the leather.

Thanks, Robin

Gary Hair
03-17-2014, 2:44 PM
Just a thought - it may be difficult to find someone who is doing what you are doing with the same laser you have. It might be better for you to bring someone in that is familiar with your laser that will help you with exactly what you want to do - in your shop with your materials and your designs. You could learn a lot from someone doing general engraving work but not anywhere near as much as if it were your specific task.