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David Lumpkins
06-20-2005, 11:54 AM
I am posting this thread for all of you just to find out if, by any chance, you or anyone else that you know may have been able to record the former Saturday morning NBC series "Skate" ("SK8") on a VHS tape when it aired three seasons ago. I am also in the process of looking for someone who was able to record all of the show's commercials, along with the ending credits at the end of every episode. "Skate" was a teen-oriented skateboarding series that was a part of NBC's "TNBC" lineup during the 2001-2002 television season. The show only lasted one season, with a total of 13 episodes filmed. The main cast included Christopher Jorgens, Adrienne Carter, Jorgito Vargas, Jr., and Blair Wingo.

If you did record this show, especially if you recorded all of the TV commercials and the ending credits, or if you know anyone else who did record this show (in particular anyone else who recorded the commercials and the ending credits), please send an e-mail back to me immediately. Be sure to include the total number of "Skate" episodes that you or your acquaintance recorded. My e-mail address is david_lumpkins@yahoo.com. My ultimate goal is to set up a tape-trade with anyone who recorded this show, regardless if the person recorded or did not record any of the show's commercials and/or ending credits. If you did not record any episodes of this show, please try to give me some additional online websites so I can continue to post this message for other people to see.

Thank you.

(Extremely important note: Over the past year, eight different people have e-mailed me saying that they did record NBC's "SK8" and yet all of them never stayed committed with me to work out the tape-trade exchange. One of those uncommitted tape-traders happened to be Adrienne Justine Carter - also known as A.J. Carter - who is one of the show's actual cast members! All eight people stopped e-mailing me halfway through my agreement for unknown reasons. Therefore, if you do reply back to me saying that you did record this show, I encourage everyone to be 100% dead-serious and totally committed in working out the tape exchange from start to finish. If you did record this show and you are not willing to seriously help me get episodes of this show, please DO NOT e-mail back to me at all. I need a serious tape-trader; no joking around. Also, if you recorded the Nickelodeon TV show "SK8-TV" from 1990, please take note that it is NOT the show that I am looking for! I am only looking for the NBC television show titled "SK8", which was on the "Peacock" network between October of 2001 and September of 2002. Many people in the past have gotten those two shows confused with each other.)

--- David L. Lumpkins

Jeff Sudmeier
06-20-2005, 1:26 PM
Hey David,

Some information on why you would like the tapes would be helpful. I am sure that someone that thinks they have the tapes would be more willing to help out, if they knew the reason.

David Lumpkins
06-20-2005, 2:14 PM
When the NBC show "SK8" first aired on October 6th, 2001, I thought it was a boring television show. To make my situation less fortunate, I was not a skateboarding fan at all at the time and my family did not have a VHS-accessible television set to record shows. However, I made a tape-trade exchange with a friend who lives in Indianapolis during October of 2003. I was not expecting to see any episodes of this show on any of her tapes. But for whatever reason, she happened to record one episode of "SK8" by accident. I watched that one episode of the show on Saturday, October 25th, 2003. By the end of the show, I thought that it was an awesome and very entertaining episode. However, NBC stopped airing this show back in September of 2002. As a result of that, I am searching all over the internet to find anyone who has any additional episodes of "SK8" because I am dying to find out how this entire TV series turned out. I am currently accepting inquiries from people who really did record the show, whether it's just two episodes or the entire thirteen episodes of the series that aired.

Like I mentioned above, I am dying to find out how this show was like. I want to see the amazingly awesome kickflips that took place on the show. I want to see the drama that unfolded at the skateparks during the show. I want to see the skateboarding rivals that Josh Raden had to deal with. I want to see the ladies of "SK8" (Adrienne Carter, who portrays Michelle on the program, looks hot!). I want to see the professional skateboarders who made guest appearances on "SK8", like Eric Koston and Chad Muska. And most of all, I want to see the creativity side of the show and the style that the producers, camera crew, writers, and directors were able to come up with to put together a program that deals with the sport of skateboarding.

Aaron Koehl
06-20-2005, 3:45 PM
Mr. David Lumpkins,

I'm afraid this is not the kind of forum to join to perform your search..


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