View Full Version : Painting Railing/StormDoor?

Russ Filtz
06-20-2005, 9:19 AM
I'd like to paint a metal handrailing and stormdoor on my front porch. I've painted the rail before with rustoleum, but the door still seems factory. What paint do I use? I'm trying to match colors with some fake shutters on the house. I bought some high sheen latex, but I'm thinking that may not be right for the metal or plastic shutters. I also bought some Zinnser primer which should work over the rustoleum. Should I go back for some spray paint instead of brush latex? I'm thinking the spray may stick better, last longer, and give a better finish?

Phil Phelps
06-23-2005, 10:46 AM
You need to visit the "real" paint store and talk to the pros. Your "fake" shutters may not be paintable. I deal with a distributor of such shutters, and they are guaranteed for forty years, but are unpaintable. They do sell a paint grade shutter, but if it's sold in colors, you can't paint them. Don't let someone tell you that you can, I have talked to the source and no paint will hold up. Forget it. In my opinion, high gloss anything exterior for the house is ugly. I'd opt for satin or low luster. Your metal door is probably an anodized metal. You can paint it, but I think an oil base product is best, especially if you brush it. Be careful with aerosol products. They can "lift" the paint underneath makeing a disaster out of your project. If you have spray equipment, that is the way to paint the door. But please, go to the paint store pros for your products and advice.