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Chiz Eisenhuth
06-16-2005, 4:11 PM
Long time lurker here with not much of value to share but now I need some help. I'm buiding a cherry porch swing - maple striping on every-other seat slat. The porch is an enclosed deck and the swing will get little if any direct sun and only the moisture that blows throught the screens. I loooove the rich color of cherry and want to preserve it but I'm getting some conflicting opinions from friends and on the newsgroup. One is to use Penofin with UV blockers but I'll have to send for it. The other is to use Penetrol, the flow control additive for oil-based paints (?) which is a bit odd sounding but I don't know much. If someones suggestion stops the gray I just may smear it on my head too!!

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Jim Becker
06-16-2005, 4:18 PM
UV blockers will delay, but not eliminate the greying that will result from exposure to sun/UV. That's reality.

Chiz Eisenhuth
06-16-2005, 4:29 PM
So, what's the 'real' time that I can expect the cherry to look nice before I have to re-sand and topcoat, Jim?

Ken Salisbury
06-16-2005, 5:05 PM
I am sure you will get your questions answered.


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Gary Max
06-16-2005, 5:37 PM
One of the things that sells me on UV blockers is the quality level of the product.
Our porch swing hangs year round getting only a couple of hours of sun a day. It's been out there for 5 years and is just now showing wear. I feel that the sun is the hardest thing on finishes so UV protection is a very good thing to invest in.
Just my little thought.