View Full Version : A question 'bout Customer Loyalty in Engraving Business

Bill Stearns
02-04-2014, 8:12 PM
Hi All -
Prior to starting my engraving business (2006), I worked for a large marketing company, specializing in selling "customer loyalty" type promotions. i.e. point reward type programs that you see used everywhere nowadays. - rewarding repeat business, etc. (BTW: my town has 'bout 8 to 10,000 population - small.) - Businesses, teams, etc. seem to feel they have to deal with each engraving business in town - in turn - not just one place. Customers claim to like m work, pricing, and service - yet still go elsewhere as well. Is it just me, or is steady loyalty missing in the engraving business? Any ideas, thoughts, you have on ensuring customer loyalty for your business would be appreciated.


Joe Pelonio
02-04-2014, 9:32 PM
I never had a customer go elsewhere for engraving, or for signs. They were always happy with my service and prices and stayed with me. This was in a city of 130,000 but when I left there in 2007 they had just 3 other engravers, only one of those with a laser. I'm surprised that you have so much competition in such a small town. The only customer I lost was a big one, who got tired of paying the shipping to Kansas for 30 lb+ acrylic orders and after a year or so found someone local. There went over a thousand a month.

Mark Sipes
02-04-2014, 10:04 PM
I would look elsewhere for your true loyalty base. Like you I live in a small 6-8k bedroom community. Most of my customer (loyal) are 60 - 200 miles away. They come to me because I provide good turn around service and fair pricing. Name tags and data plates far exceed the trophy and award side of the business (this is where we started 18 years ago) I have moved more to the wholesale/support side than the walk in customer ( time consuming) retail side. When a company treats you like a part of their business you have become a loyalty part of their team not the other way. 80% of my commercial orders are via a fax or e-mail and out the door ( repeat customers ). Word of mouth at this level develops positive growth. This month alone ( last 30 days) I have received orders from 3 new (word of mouth) customers. Not one time orders... every other day orders.

Rodne Gold
02-05-2014, 1:37 AM
I live in a city of 2 mil ppl , we have on one hand a fantastically loyal corporate/sportsclub/public customer base , mainly for badges , trophies and the like. We have a medium loyalty industrial base , folk happy with quality , service and price , tho often on big jobs when we are undercut by a fair margin , they do go elsewhere , but always still return.
THEN we have the promotional co's , "price wh---s" , they will leave you for a penny saved per item at the drop of a hat - despite you giving them sterling service and quality... and then return after some time , after dumping you , and demand tyhe same or more service than a loyal customer...

Mike Null
02-05-2014, 6:44 AM
My situation is similar to Mark's. I am a home based business focusing on commercial and institutional business with some wholesale customers as well. It is rare for me to lose a customer--some have been with me almost from the start 17 years ago. I have one customer who has been through 4 name changes and 3 acquisitions. Today they are a foreign owned company and I get more business from them than before.

I don't attribute any of my business to word of mouth: name tags excepted. I rarely see my customers as most of my business is done by email.