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Paul McGaha
01-31-2014, 10:26 AM
I got my 1st experience with it this morning. I was going thru the drive thru of a chick-fil-a and when I picked up my order I learned it had been paid for by the person ahead of me.

I've heard of the practice but that's the 1st time I've experienced it.

A great feeling. What a good way to start a Friday morning.

I paid for the person behind me. It was actually less than my order but I wouldn't have cared if it would have been more.

It's a good idea.


Erik Loza
01-31-2014, 10:40 AM
I was at Starbucks a few months back and the cashier told me that some person ahead of me had left them a $20 bill, with instructions to use it to pay for coffee for as many folks as it could. That was a first for me. I refused the payment and told the cashier to use if for the next person in line, but left the equivalent in the form of a tip in the cashier's jar.

In October of 2010, my wife and I were on vacation in Telluride. It was night-time and the streets were pretty much deserted. I looked down and there was a wad of cash on the sidewalk. My first reaction was to look around and see who might have dropped it. Of course, there was nobody around. I picked the cash up and it was about $120. We discussed what to do with it for a few minutes and made the decision that since there seemed to be no earnest way to return this to whoever owned it, the money should be spent entirely at locally owned businesses. In other words, not just take the money and leave town with it. We used it for dinner and drinks that night and tipped very generously. I guess that's paying it forward?

Erik Loza
Minimax USA

Lee Schierer
01-31-2014, 7:28 PM
We were walking out of a Walmart and found $% on the floor just inside the exit. We looked around to see if we could find who dropped it and didn't see anyone nearby. We decided that we should drop it as well, so as we exited the store we dropped it in the Salvation Army bucket just outside the door.

Larry Edgerton
02-01-2014, 6:59 AM
Many years ago in what seems like a different planet I hitchhiked to California on occasion. My last trip was a disaster. I was picked up by every dirtbag in the country, was stranded in the desert for a day and a half with out water, picked up by escaped convicts in Texas, was robbed in Kentucky, picked up by a huge aggressive gay guy in Ohio who had to be beaten severely so I could excape. I was gone longer than I had planned and so it had turned winter in Michigan and when I was finally close to home with no money because of being robbed [pre-ATM days] I got stuck at an intersection in the middle of nowhere in a blinding snowstorm with high wind. I did not have a coat as I had left in warmer weather and had no money. It was the middle of the night and no traffic, and I started to get hypothermia bad. This fellow finally came by and was not going my direction, but stopped. He gave me a ride to the closest small town and gave me $20 to get a motel room and breakfast. [Long time ago!] He may have saved my life.

I asked for his address as I had money in the bank at home only 60 miles away, but he said "No, just pass it on."

I have many, many times. And that was my last trip hitchhiking......

One of the most fun was I was in Chicago with a new Corvette and at the North end I picked up a dozen roses and would zoom up to the toll booths with a $5 dollar bill and a rose and tell them to keep the change and hand them the bill and a rose. Toll was $.35 at the time. I still remember the way they all leaned to look out of the booth as I zoomed away.


Brian Ashton
02-01-2014, 9:19 AM
I was very touched by a fellow on this forum that out of the blue offered to pay my contribution to the creek. I had posted a thread stating I wasn't sure I could pay in the prescribed method and he pm'd me and offered to pay, they have a lasting effect.

Which reminds me how do we find out when the next instalment is due?

Keith Outten
02-01-2014, 9:35 AM

You will find your current status in your user profile.
Your account is current through 03-23-2014.

Frederick Skelly
02-01-2014, 12:08 PM
@Larry E. Man, Ill bet that story is a whole lot more fun to tell, 40yers later, than it was at the time huh? Glad you got through it. Love the toll booth idea!

Ken Fitzgerald
02-01-2014, 12:32 PM
A bunch people were nice enough....or crazy enough to push me into turning wood. From a bunch of Creekers, I received a Jet VS Mini, a bunch of turning tools, wood and other materials. It was 2 1/2 years before I got back to finishing my shop. I had $600 worth of lights sitting in the box in a corner while I turned on a 2x12 sitting on 2 halves of a Little Giant ladder system setup in a A-frame configuration and I used a construction light stand for lighting.

A couple years later I upgraded to a PM-3520B and paid the Jet VS Mini forward to a member of the US Navy. When FedEx destroyed the lathe even though I packed it in wood reinforced double-walled cardboard box, the guy refused delivery. I contacted his local WoodCraft and paid for a brand new one step up lathe and had him pick it up. Eventually, after I produced receipts for the tools that were damaged, FedEx reimbursed me for my losses.