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Raymond Fries
01-28-2014, 8:21 PM
I have a daughter in college that is looking for a work at home job that can be flexible for her schooling. Does anyone know of this type of work that is legit and can pay decent. There are so many that I hear are scams or pyramid structured.

Any advise is welcomed.


Dave Sheldrake
01-28-2014, 8:53 PM
Hiya Ray,

Most work from home schemes tend to revolve around some kind of tier selling, multi level marketing and in many cases that means pyramid schemes (illegal here in the UK). Finding a local company that outsources can be good, I send out quite a bit of my stuff for holiday work such as trimming rubber castings or winding string onto a spool etc.
Not much in the way of home jobs pays very well though, if it did none of us would go out to the office every day :(
I'd ask around any local manufacturing companies and see what turns up



Jeff Erbele
01-29-2014, 6:16 AM
I have a daughter in college that is looking for a work at home job that can be flexible for her schooling. Does anyone know of this type of work that is legit and can pay decent. There are so many that I hear are scams or pyramid structured.

Any advise is welcomed.


Work at home with a flexible schedule and pays decent are some collective tough criteria. I agree with Dave on the MLM's multi-level marketing companies; usually you have to buy something first and maybe a monthly fee and it involves selling a product or service. MLM's almost always have two components, the marketing side, (how the company grows) building a down-line team and the product or service side. There may be a few that are ok, but most are not. I was involved with one of the worst possible. Never Again. Your daughter wants to earn an income, not spend big money on a risky venture, promising easy money in amounts that sound to good to be true.

I went to a state college. They has a student employment office and work-study program with jobs on campus. Some jobs had rather accommodating schedules. The pay was ok for the job and the era, and helped greatly. It provided free housing and about a third of my food budget, working one night a week and every fifth weekend.

I've never found a work at home job, but I've had better, good success with self-employment at home. That requires some skill or service that is in demand and one must market it. The internet makes that easier, with Craigs List or social media.

I used to travel a lot for work as a route sales rep. I stayed in motels/hotels 4 nights a week most weeks. A lot of the desk clerks were college students. Some told me it was the perfect job for them, especially smaller motels. After the main check-in hours they had a lot of free-time on their hands and got paid while they studied and worked on assignments.

Bill Edwards(2)
01-29-2014, 9:24 AM
"Work at home with a flexible schedule and pays decent"

Kind of up there with unicorns, pixies, etc.

My step kid worked her tail off in retail until she was a junior, then she worked
her tail off interning and working.

Good luck to anybody trying to work and get through school.

Matt Schroeder
01-29-2014, 11:37 AM
How far into her schooling is she? As a third and fourth year chemistry major I did some tutoring of local high school kids, and worked in the chemistry labs helping the professors with set-ups, etc. Perhaps she can find something in her field of interest? It may not be "work at home" but it is flexible and can also bolster the resume. After college I did some work at home editing online chemistry homework assignments for WebAssign; they did all the coding and I tested the assignments for function and correct answers. The work was sporadic, but flexible. See if any textbook publishers still outsource that function.

Raymond Fries
01-29-2014, 12:30 PM
Jeff - Interesting about the hotel position. My daughter attends IPFW, which also has a hotel management degree and works with an adjacent Holiday Inn. Maybe that will work out for her.

Matt She is in her junior year. This semester she is going to spend 24 hours working for her forensic psychology professor at a local youth reform school as a part of her class. Maybe that will lead to something on a part time basis.

My daughter had the ideal job as a waitress in an upscale restaurant here in town where they were very flexible in scheduling her shifts around her classes. It was working fine until a management change and then they started forcing her to work different shifts than what they agreed to when she hired in. Consequently she left the company. Her goal to be a forensic psychologist seemed more important than a career as a waitress.

My older daughter is currently training to do medical transcription at home. I guess that pays well but will not work for my younger daughter as she is already in school.

I know another your lady that works from home scheduling reservations for state parks. There are some jobs out there but I agree that they are few and far between.

Thanks for the tips.

Garth Sheane
01-30-2014, 1:32 PM
I wonder if there could be opportunity for your daughter to do private house cleaning for three or four clients. There are shut-ins and elderly people in every community, some who need assistance to do house cleaning type chores. Just a thought ...

Mike Olson
01-30-2014, 1:50 PM
this may be out there but, look through the phone book for private investigators in your area. a girl on my street when I was growing up started doing this when she was going to college for Law. she said almost everything is online now and she did it from home when she had time. She did say that PI work is kind of a family business so it's hard to get a job from the outside. Her Dad was a sheriff so she had an in that way.

Charles McKinley
01-30-2014, 9:51 PM
Kim Komando (Make sure you use the K) has a list of reputable places on her website. It is mostly tech related but since you daughter is in college she may have the skills needed.

If she types well and writes well editing for people like me may be an option. Draw back to this is the demand is greatest when the school load is greatest, Mid- term and finals time.

Please tell her to be VERY careful at the youth reform school (jail.) The louder they say it not a jail the more she needs to be on guard. I have worked in the field and have seen a wide range of quality of facilities and workers. Depending on the facility her co-workers will be as apt to steal from her as the kids. I was once young an idealistic and wanted to help people. Direct "treatment" with adjudicated youth is very demanding with few rewards and success stories. God bless her if she has the strength and will for it.

Hope she finds a niche that works well for her.

Raymond Fries
01-31-2014, 1:53 PM
Thanks for more good tips.

Interesting about the PI work. She said last night she was watching Dexter and wondering if she could do PI work. Her cousin is the sheriff here. Maybe?

The cleaning might be an option as well.