View Full Version : Another not so great customer service from Jessem

Eduard Nemirovsky
01-14-2014, 6:01 PM
Just want my steam off a little bit.
Ordered parts from Jessem, not in the rush. Regular shipping is fine - no problem. After 11 days decide to call asking about status of my order. Pleasant women voice ask the order number and said - "don't you worry, it was sent last Friday". OK, Again - I am not in the rush to get it. Three hour latter got automatic e-mail response from UPS - you order shipped, but just electronic notification.
If I understand correctly - they forgot or just missed my order, after my call they notified UPS about shipment, this is why I got notification just now.
It is my third order from this company. All three with same issue - late shipment.
Thank you for listening,