View Full Version : Holiday Customer Service

Rich Riddle
01-13-2014, 8:33 PM
Did anyone else have issues with decent customer service over the holidays? I ordered from two well-known providers on here.

First one tells me a $1300 component is in stock, but then has to ask what version the tool needs. Fair enough, they must have both versions. Then they send a contradictory e-mail indicating they must get it from the supplier once it's manufactured. That's fine, but simply state the facts up front. Additionally the customer service "department" wrote back indicating he had taken and extended un-noted vacation and that he had several upset customers who had ordered parts when he took off for weeks over the holiday. Fortunately, the automated system had no difficulties processing payments in his absence.

Second one get an order for about $150 before the new year. Have to write and ask about progress. Just get a shipping notification from UPS, never a response. I had spent several thousand dollars with them, but they seem to be happy with going at their own pace.

Is it too much to expect updates or an e-mail acknowledging orders or progress?