View Full Version : Best brush for shellac

Dave Tinley
06-13-2005, 10:19 AM
What would be the best brush for shellac? I am using a 2 inch angled china bristle brush now.


Cecil Arnold
06-13-2005, 11:14 AM
Without being a wise you know what (I'm trying to stay within the rules Ken) I think a rag is better. I've had problems with keeping a wet edge with a brush, but none with a rag. The heaver the cut (3lb) the more problems I have. I'm sure Becker will have some thoughts on this as he seems to be as sold on shellac as I.

Hal Flynt
06-13-2005, 12:46 PM
The best is a Golden Taklon nylon brush. Reference(Well I was going to refer you to the Homestead finishing forum, but I found your question there too :p ,)

Jeff's Brushes:http://www.homesteadfinishing.com/htdocs/Brushes.htm

I have a black natural bristle brush that I used in the past with OK results. I use a nylon/polyester brush with pretty good results now (Purdy). I have been know to add some isopropal alcohol to the shellac to thin and slow the drying time with good results. (Isopropal can be found 99% special order, BUT the 90% on sale at the big boys hasn't given me any problems.

Steven Wilson
06-13-2005, 4:06 PM
I use a 2" Omega Lilly Oval brush for large flat areas and a 1" Winsor Newton #580 for details. The Omega holds a large amount of finish and can really flow shellac nicely. The 580 doesn't really have a reservoir but it flows finish very nicely around details and into the corners. I bought mine from Jeff Jewitt (Homestead Finishing) about 3 years ago and they're still fantastic - take care of them ! I see Jeff has a replacement for the Winsor Newton and it looks real nice; also available in some smaller sizes that would be good for grain painting. One trick I've been doing is to apply a couple of coats of 3lb or 4lb cut shellac by brush, level sand, and then apply a couple of 1lb cut coats with a rag - quick finish schedule and looks pretty good, although 4lb cut can be a little difficult to apply.