View Full Version : WinXP/home foul up

Don Henthorn Smithville, TX
05-18-2003, 11:08 PM
Well, I took the plunge after copying much of my personal stuff to my F disk. Instructions said not to worry all my files and settings would be saved. WRONG. Many of the programs with personal files on them came with no files attached. The last two months of my emails turned up missing. MY address book seems to have disappeared, not just in Netscape but also in the copied files on the F disk. In fact, many of the files that I copied to F disk don't seem to be there. I haven't found a good explanation in one place of how the program works. To top it all off the new Sound Blaster card isn't detected by WinXP so I still have no sound. I am thinking that the card is defective and have filled out the data for the issuance of an RMA. I did as John M suggested and deactivated and unplugged the second hard drive so that the OS would go on the C drive. One other bothersome thing. For some applications I had two versions on the computer. Without exception WinXP always took the older version to transfer, not the newer updated version, and the newer updated versions have disappeared. What a drag.

Jim Becker
05-19-2003, 9:29 AM
'Sounds like you did an "upgrade" rather than a clean install...