View Full Version : One more question on glueing brushed aluminum to wood

Don Morris
01-03-2014, 2:21 PM
on 12/23/13 I asked for some input on how to fix a brushed aluminum piece of art that fell from a glued wood backing (photo). We've gotten in touch with the gallery and they are in the process of getting in touch with the artist. I've been looking at that piece of wood for weeks and thinking about it. To gain a greater amount of bonding surface, wouldn't it be better to use either: 1) 4 larger pieces of plywood pocket screwed together as it is now, or 2) one whole piece of plywood to bond the brushed aluminum. As long as they were the same size, what would you vote for, or would it make any difference?


Sam Murdoch
01-03-2014, 2:29 PM
I can't see any down side to the one piece ply backer. It is very likely what I would have done. The frame would be just incidental.