View Full Version : Can't see pictures on Sawmill Creek posts

Mac McAtee
05-18-2003, 9:32 AM
I had no trouble at Badger Pond viewing pictures that were posted with messages. Here on Sawmill Creek I don't see all the pictures. Right now there is a running thread about a Unisaw Push Stick I built. I posted several pictures with messages on it. I can't see any of them. There is a line about me posting a picture and below that there is nothing. On some other threads I can't see the pictures and on some threads I can see a few of the pictures. Any guidance out there? I have gone to Tools-Internet Options - Advanced and Multimeda and checked and unchecked a few of the blocks. Nothing happenend. Help? I want to see the pictures.

Ken Salisbury
05-18-2003, 9:48 AM
A thought came to me after posting my suggestion to you this morning.

Check the "Thread Options" on the "Edit Options" page in your "User cp" (button on top right of SMC Home).

Do you have "Show image attachments and [img] code in Posts" enabled ? -- you should have.

Just a thought to what might be the problem.

Mac McAtee
05-18-2003, 2:30 PM
It is enabled. Still no pics.

Keith Outten
05-18-2003, 4:22 PM
Are you refrershing your browser window? Better yet set your browser to refresh every time a page loads, this is very handy when using any type of forum software.

Depending on the browser you are using you may have a button to disable graphics, this speeds up page loading but disables picture viewing altogether.