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Bob Rufener
12-19-2013, 6:12 PM
When I receive emails from several people, the pictures only show up as attachments. I have to click on each individual attachment to view the picture. In one case, this started happening with my brother's emails when they bought a new computer that uses Windows 8 and Outlook for email. I can receive the exact same email from another party and all pictures show up without having them as attachments. I talked to my brother and he said he receives them that way (where you have to click on each attachmet) and, as a result, when he sends them, they are the same. I have Windows 7 and use Mozilla Fireox for emails. Is there a setting that is causing this on the sender's email program or is it something with my lapto? Any help is appreciated.

Michael Mahan
12-19-2013, 6:28 PM
W7 here , I use windows live as a email server & the free Widows Essentials Mail program . when I drop & drag a pix from anywhere on my PC in my out going mail I get the attachment as well BUT when I drag & drop a email pix that is the body of another email sent me that pix is in the body of my email .
Never could figure out how to do this with a pix in a file on the PC . . What is Even weirder is I can have one pix in a email sent to me & then move that to my new email then drag & drop a pix off MY pc & it will appear in the email ??? . I some times will place a sent email pix in a new email then drag & drop more off the pC & then delete the 1st one just to get them in the body of the email weird Huh ! ?

Dave Sheldrake
12-19-2013, 6:50 PM
Have a look at the view settings Bob, allow HTML will embed pictures, plain text will go as orphaned attachments. There is also a "view pictures inline" setting from memory



Dan Hintz
12-19-2013, 7:47 PM
Also, the sender has to decide if they are "attaching" the images or putting them "inline". If they're clicking the little paperclip icon (or similar), they're attaching.