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Kev Williams
12-07-2013, 2:26 AM
Anyone who knows me will tell you I have 2 curses: One is, nearly every time I say the words "boat ride" a microburst thunderstorm soon follows. My second curse-- no matter what addition I get that gets connected to a computer, no matter how complicated or miniscule, it simply will not work right.

Tonight was no different.

My step-up transformer came finally, and it works like a charm. Every overseas 220v appliance works great.

Enter the computer. I bought a used computer after I bought the IS7000, to run it and my new laser. It's running Windows 7. It's very fast, Corel X3 loads up in like 2 seconds. Gravostyle in about 7 seconds. Lots of ram. Been working flawlessly to run the 7000. For what it's worth, it's never seen the internet, and I'd like to keep it that way.

However, as nice as it seems to be, the PHsoft and PHcad laser software refuses to load properly, and neither do the drivers. Even though the program SAYS they did.

This was completely expected and no surprise whatsoever. I should've written this days ago... ;)

Is this simply Win7 thing? I've tried the compatibility thing but it doesn't work, and it seems I can't install in compatibility mode. If Win7 is the problem, I'll gladly dump it and put my trusty mechanics-version of XP on the thing...

walter hofmann
12-07-2013, 5:22 AM
hi there
no it works with windows 7 you should during download disable your firewall. because you need to set the firewall to except the PH software and driver

Kev Williams
12-07-2013, 11:20 AM
Since this computer is divorced from the www I have all security measures turned off. At least I think I do! I'll look into it, thanks!

Leo Graywacz
12-07-2013, 11:49 AM
Some programs actually need an internet connection to get it loaded in properly. I had a program that I had used for years faithfully and it never failed. Tried it one day and could not get it to work. It would come up and then just close itself down. When I got home I started the process of diagnosing it and of course it just worked fine.

So next time I was in my shop I put on the hotspot in my phone and the program worked.

So, you may just want to try the internet to see if your program needs to call home.

Kev Williams
12-07-2013, 12:14 PM
I've loaded it on 2 of my XP computers with no problem. And I just checked my Win7, no security, no firewall...

Here's what happens:

I run the install, it goes thru the motions--
Then it starts to install the plug-ins-
First it tells me I have no AutoCad (true), and to install it and reload the plug-in
Then it tells me I have no Corel (false, X3 is installed and running fine), ditto
Then ditto for Adobe Illustrator (true)

After which it tells me the installation was successful- Then it supposedly loads the drivers, and says THAT was successful.

But the computer can't find the laser, and the device manager shows an "unknown device" with the drivers not loaded...

FWIW, I have Corel X3 on the XP's, and the Corel plug-in WAS successful on those...

I may just trade my main XP computer for the 7, except for my XP is has 2 extra com & LPT ports to run machines, and I know for a fact if I plug those cards into the 7 (and I have the driver disks) I won't be able to run my machines for some reason!
It's my curse!

Dave Sheldrake
12-07-2013, 1:22 PM
Hiya Kev,

Select "Unknown Device" in DM

select "Update drivers"

Choose location

select the disk / media that has the software on it.



Kev Williams
12-08-2013, 12:28 AM
Thanks guys-- My stepson came over and saved the day- He figured out the laser wanted a virtual com port, and voila! (the instructions AND the video explain and show to do nothing more than connect the PC and the laser with a USB cable.)

Anyway, now the REAL fun begins-- trying to decipher and learn new terms and jargon I've never heard before -Allowable error (mm); grade engrave (and length); scan gap (lines per inch I assume?); output as entity-- just to name a few! I'm used to power, speed, dpi, ppi raster, vector, and the colors... guess I've had it too easy!

Did a couple of quick tests, still trying to figure out why in PHcad the engraving was reversed, also needs some serious backlash alignment (more terms there, 'x-swing', 'x-unilateralizm', which I figured out is engraving in one direction only)...

If the learning curve don't kill me, I should get some pretty good use out of her! :)

Dave Sheldrake
12-08-2013, 1:00 AM
It's all good fun Kev once you get used to it :)

It's all simple things just made to look technical really :)