View Full Version : Need help with EngraveLab 9

Kevin Berkshire
12-03-2013, 8:47 PM
I just bought EngraveLab 9 and my support time ran out and I have a lot of questions on the commands.
I am trying to line fill a letter so I can engrave it out.
I first place a letter on my layout.
Then go to Engrave and create tool path, Fill and then pick a cutter size. I pick a color, say yellow. Then set the fill style to Sweep tool down. I set the fill to 30%,then hit OK.

The fill shows on the screen, but when I send it to the engraver, it says No object to engrave.

Can anyone help.

Thanks Kevin

vic casware
12-03-2013, 9:25 PM
If its the same as 7 you have to select the toolpath after it was created, I normally zoom out and grab everything then hit engrave as it will only engrave the toolpath anyway.
I have been looking at upgrading to version 9, i would be keen to know how you go with it

Kevin Berkshire
12-04-2013, 7:03 PM
Not sure what you mean by toolpath. I followed the directions I saw on u tube but it didn't work. I'll let you know if I figure it out.

Mike Null
12-07-2013, 9:05 AM
After you type the text go to the arrange menu and click on "text to graphics" then go to the engrave menu and select "create tool path > fill". Key in your fill parameters and you should be ready to go.