View Full Version : A new way to view Saw Mill Creek

Bart Leetch
05-17-2003, 2:24 PM
I am setting back in my recliner looking at a new 17" monitor that came with my new Dell 2.2 GHZ P4 computer & the LOML has one over at her recliner too.

We live in a small 2 bedroom apartment as required to be the managers of 2 apartment complexes next door to each other & the spare bedroom is the LOML's sewing shop. So this is the only place for the computers.

Sure is a difference from my 200 MHZ & her 166 MHZ.

Win XP is taking some getting use to but seems to be ok.

Both of these computers together cost the same as my Dads 1 GHZ tower did 2 years ago & we got key boards mice & monitors too. Dads does have the ability to have the sound board & graphics board upgraded, while ours has the sound & graphics on the mother board. But I looked at what we do with our computers & decided that we didn't need that option.