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Mitchell Tutty
11-27-2013, 5:12 PM
I have a 60 watt Epilog Fusion and am looking to start etching bitmaps into acrylic nails for potential clients. I only want to etch off the nail polish off the top of the nail and not too deep into Nail.

Any suggestions is a step in the right direction for me as the whole process is fairly new to me.

Mike Chance in Iowa
11-27-2013, 6:19 PM
Seems like a fairly simple process to experiment with. Pick up a few bottles of nail polish at the dollar or drug store and paint paper, wood, plastic or aluminum or whatever scrap material you have laying around. Start off with a light setting and work your way up if it doesn't engrave deep enough for you. Once you reach your paper, wood, plastic, etc, you will know when you have gone too deep. It will also depend upon how thick the nail polish is.

Dave Sheldrake
11-27-2013, 6:37 PM
Engraving into nail polish works very well Mitch, if possible maybe use UV hardening polish on the fake nails then laser.(I use UV polish on a number of inlay jobs)



David Somers
11-28-2013, 1:29 AM
I am sorry....I have been working too many hours lately....I read Mitchell's post and now have this vision of a very very nervous beauty parlor customer sitting in a chair with their hands in a Trotec Speedy 300 while it zips back and forth engraving their nails. A paper clip is jamming the safety interlock on the lid. Suddenly....The head beautician groans....."NO Fernando...NO! Not again! I said the raster file....NOT the vector!!!"



matthew knott
11-28-2013, 8:47 AM
What like this 275877

Mitchell Tutty
11-28-2013, 5:20 PM
Thank you everyone for your ideas! will just paint nail polish onto some mdf and find the best settings.

What like this 275877
Yeah, I guess the concepts the same but I'm fairly they're just regular fingernails as opposed to stick on acrylic ones.

Bill Cunningham
12-05-2013, 9:34 PM
What like this 275877

OOoo owww.. Particularly where it goes off the nail onto the finger.. No sense no feeling Iguess

Steve Busey
12-06-2013, 7:41 AM
Mitchell, couldn't you just buy a set or two of acrylic nails and practice with them? :confused: That way you can also practice with how to hold them secure (slotted jig? double back tape?) and not get sucked into the exhaust!