View Full Version : Smoking a Pork Belly (not bacon!) - Final Temperature?

Charles Brown
11-22-2013, 11:34 AM

Was going to smoke a pork belly this weekend for some guests coming to town. What would a good final temperature be? I'm planning on vacuum packing a wet brine with maple syrup and bourbon for a day or two and then throwing it on the BGE. I've never smoked a belly before.

I'm thinking of setting the fire to 205* or 225* on the smoker with apple / maple wood but don't know the proper temperature for when to pull the meat.

I have a large BGE and a DigiQ for heat monitoring. Any help would be appreciated. Also, seeing as this is also my first time cooking belly, any guesses on how long it should take?


Jason Roehl
11-22-2013, 11:46 AM
Since pork belly isn't a tough cut of meat, it doesn't need to go real high to break down the collagen. So, going with normal pork temps, I'd pull it at about 150-155F and let it rest for a bit, wrapped in foil, to come up to a done temperature of about 160F. And, honestly, I'd be comfortable at even slightly lower temps, but that's not for everybody. I just happened to grow up in a home where pork wasn't done until it was leather. So, now that I have had, and made, tender, smoked pork, and haven't gotten sick, I like to live a little closer to the edge.