View Full Version : What to make for BB Coach. Need ideas!

Joe Tonich
05-16-2003, 6:31 PM
Anyone have any ideas on what to make Little League coaches for appreciation for their time and courage to take on 12 8-11yr. olds? Last year I made a T-Ball "T" to hold a signed ball and the year before I turned a small BB bat and made it look like it was leaning on a signed ball. I figured I'd better start thinking on what to make this year NOW, as the other years I ended up rushing and finishing them the same day as the end of season party. :( All suggestions are welcome.


Rusty Hughes, Indy
05-16-2003, 6:57 PM

Being a coach myself, I have received many end-of-year gifts; signed baseballs, restaurant gift certificates, and T-shirts to name a few. My personal favorite was actually given to my mother many years ago when she was coaching my sisters team.

One of the parents who owned a sign making business had the girls place their autograph on a piece of paper that had a baseball diamond printed on it. Each of the girls signed their name in the location of their position. Then the parent took this and made a plaque out of it. It had a wood background and was engraved just like the girls signed their name. This could be done with a wood burner but I suggest you send it to Keith for some Saw Mill Creek laser engraving. :)

Just a thought


Joe Tonich
05-17-2003, 6:41 PM
Thanks Rusty,

That sounds like a cool idea! Maybe I'll get hold of Keith to find out what something like that would cost.



Todd Burch
08-17-2003, 12:21 AM
I like to pick up old used bats from garage sales and the like. I resaw them on the bandsaw, then drill and install shaker pegs on the rounded side and put a hanger on the flatside. They make great hat hooks. And, we have the boys all sign their name and jersey number.