View Full Version : Pecan trees

Ernie Nyvall
06-05-2005, 8:57 AM
LOML and I took a drive further south one day this week to Sergeant, TX. Trying to find a more scenic route, we took hwy288 from Houston down to hwy35 and then hwy 521. Starting on 35 and all the way down 521 there were almost solid pecan trees. It was obvious the pecans were no longer being commercially harvested from the undergrowth, but it must have been some operation at one time. The old pecan groves still obvious from the rows of trees which are at least 80' tall. The pecans must still be good because the undergrowth was hundreds of thousands of pecan trees from seedlings to 15 or so feet tall. The near by fields were being encroached upon by seedlings. The fence rows and the ditches were full of them. It was kind of funny to see a new house in the middle of it all with four freshly planted pecan trees in the yard. It makes a person wonder though what happened... a possible disease for some years that has now passed. I meean, I would think the number of seedlings would indicate the pecans are now in good shape.
Anyway, it was interesting to behold.