View Full Version : Blake McCulley's visit to Cleveland

John Hart
06-04-2005, 6:37 PM
Well...I've had a busy day...but it started pretty good with a visit with fellow Creeker Blake McCulley. We made arrangements to meet at Berea Hardwoods just south of Cleveland so he could show me the ropes of and introduce me to Pen Turning. I've purposely stayed away from pens since we planned this meeting a couple of months ago so I could soak up everything without prejudice.

I ended up buying a starter kit for 5 pens and 5 pencils and got pointers from everyone. Looks pretty exciting...I think I'm going to love this too...except, where am I going to find the time?

Here's a pic of Blake and his delightful wife Ruth Ann discussing some stuff with Larry of BH. It was a short visit, but I think my world just got a lot bigger. I had a good time.:)

Mike Ramsey
06-04-2005, 8:22 PM
Let me know how you like turning the pens, Not like turning those big ol bowls I bet...I ordered the Jet pen kit last week onsale at Amazon for $29.00

John Hart
06-04-2005, 8:57 PM
Oh sure Mike. My first attempt is tomorrow. This evening, I've been studying all the materials so I guess it's time to dive in. I have some spalted pear that I've been dying to destroy!:rolleyes: