View Full Version : Air Assist - Is anyone using the Loc Line Modular Hose System

Roger Lueck
10-28-2013, 2:48 PM
There is one thread that includes one entry regarding the possible benefits using the Loc Line modular hose system, but no entries with any experience using Loc Line or a similar system. Does anyone have any experiences using Loc Line for directing air into the area where the laser beam is cutting? Air pressure (PSI)? Nozzle type (straight, 90 deg. etc)? Nozzle opening size (1/8", 1/16")?

Dave Sheldrake
10-28-2013, 2:53 PM
LocLine is good for engraving if placed to blow in the direction of the head progressions.Using the fishtail nozzle @ 90 degrees it will blow away much of the muck before it can re-settle on the job.

As a general air assist? lateral (ie: non perpendicular air) has benefits but not any where near as many as coaxial has.