View Full Version : planetary gears

stan kern
10-18-2013, 8:05 PM

Keith Outten
10-19-2013, 8:27 AM
Thanks Stan,

Its great to be able to make gears without a milling machine :)
How about sharing the specs of your laser.

stan kern
10-19-2013, 1:34 PM
sure my laser is 24x36 platform 100 watts power and i call the lettering a scribe (a low power cut,looks like indian ink outline ,i like that 20% powe 2.0 speed at .oo33)

The actual cuts are 60% power .40 speed and cornering at 31% and at .0033
The material is mahogany plywood 1/4 thick cut very easily and small parts do not distort or fall a part ie clock hands