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Chris J Anderson
10-16-2013, 11:23 PM
Howdy All,
I have a wooden sign for a client (shown below), and it only fits in my laser on the angle shown.
I've got a few to make so would like to speed up the alignment process.
Each piece of wood is slightly different in size, so it means re-doing the alignment for each one, I cant just make a jig/template.

To ensure I get the text in the right place, I created 2 reference points (red dots) and then use 'xy off and red pointer' to line up the piece of wood.

I know in corel I can move the object reference point to one of the red dots, but I still have to manually move the object into place.

Is there a way to type into corel, the x-y location where I want a reference point to be ?

I've tried a few methods but the x-y coord boxes at the top left dont change with / when you change the reference point.

I hope this makes sense...



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Chris J Anderson
10-16-2013, 11:57 PM
Maybe I've worked it out...

I am moving the reference point (anchor point for rotating) of the large rectangle, to the centre position of one of the red dots. This way I can set one and then rotate the rest into position.

I know I can change the reference point in transformations...
but can I change the actual x-y coord reference point of the large rectangle to the position of one of my red dots ?

Or can I only set it to the corners, middle of sides etc using the transformation docker ?


Dan Hintz
10-17-2013, 6:27 AM
Lay a strip of painter's tape across the area where the top of the sign will sit. Vector cut the top of the sign and mark the center point of the sign. Peel away any tape that would be inside of the sign area.

You now have a quick and dirty alignment edge and point. Lining it up by eye should get you within several tens of mils, and if you're very careful should be able to align it to within under 10 mils.

Chris J Anderson
10-17-2013, 7:19 AM
Thanks Dan,
I'll give that a go tomorrow...

and thanks for all the other info you provide to this forum,
I've learned heaps here just searching and reading old threads.

Chris - West Oz.