View Full Version : Argh - this week was supposed to be for wwing!

Gary Herrmann
06-01-2005, 5:40 PM
Be warned, this is a whiny rant.

Finished up my project at the current client Thursday. Don't start at the next one till 6/6. Ooh, 10 days off. Wife at work and son at school for half of that time.

My 4 yr old got sick Friday. Sick all weekend with 103 degree fever. We watched just about every Buzz Lightyear thing ever made. We read a lot of books too. He likes to sit in my lap when I read to him. Ever notice how a sleeping child can give off pheremones or something that make you fall asleep when you planned to put him in his bed? We did get him in the pool a couple times, and when he napped there was always some sort of landscaping chore to be done.

He was better by Monday. Unfortunately, my wife got sick Sunday (same nasty virus apparently). So I played nurse again. Took her to the doc, got her magazines etc. While getting her meds, somebody backed into my new Tundra. I can understand how someone might not see it.

It was noon on a sunny day.
Its black.
Its about 20 feet long.
The parking lot was 95% empty.

Took the dogs to the vet. Took the truck to the bodyshop. Got her car tuned up. Mowed the lawn. Yesterday, I'm sitting at the dealership, reading a wwing book and muttering to myself. Probably looked like a nut. About to go replace 3 fence posts. Does that count as wwing? My wife thinks so. I'm thinking, uh, no.

I did get to sand the bookcase for my son's room. I'm almost done with the top. I may actually get to put some seal-a-cell on it tomorrow afternoon. Maybe. I had planned on being done with it by today and having tomorrow to finish setting up my new bandsaw. And then sharpening the irons for my new plane Friday. Maybe using one or both over the weekend.

Once I'm done setting them up, I may actually have a pic to post.

I don't even want to think how long this bookcase has taken me to build at 1-2 hours per week. As long as you don't count that 3 week stretch when I never got to enter the shop.

Its amazing how your plans can go awry. Its amazing how quickly a week can go by. Just got a call from the client to let me know I'll be travelling the week of the 13th and 20th. Geez, I hope the bookcase is done by then.

Maybe I'll have time to sharpen the irons tonight after the go to bed. Hopefully my muttering won't wake them up... :rolleyes: