View Full Version : Universal Laser v-460 Z adjust

Rick Caudill
10-07-2013, 4:18 PM
We have a V-460 Universal Laser. The problem I am having is with the Z table adjust. It just stops moving at random times. Sometime it is while going up and sometime while going down. There is not a pattern or certain spot where it stops. Also sometimes the motor sound (or speed) will change. When the motor stops it will not move again in the same direction until you move it in the other direction first.

Here is what I have tried. Cleaned and re-lubed the lift screws. Checked the table for level, checked the motor connections and checked the belts tension. I cannot find anything that is binding or loose. When the motor is running slow if I pull pulled on the lower belt to aid the motor it does not help. The motor just keeps moving at the same rate.
Any suggestions?

Mike Lassiter
10-07-2013, 8:02 PM
Doesn't it have a chain that turns the lift screws. I have ILS series and think it has like a baby bike chain that turns them. Would think either chain or timing belt for positive drive indexing. Just a guess but possibly chain loose and getting hung and locking drive up until you reverse directions.

Bruce Boone
10-07-2013, 8:13 PM
You can try with power off tugging on the belt or chain that drives the lift screws. I have a short in my touch pad switches that doesn't allow me to focus by the buttons anymore. I'm afraid to mess with replacing discontinued parts, as it might stop working all together. I do my focus manually by tugging on the belt with power off. I can feel if there are any rough spots in the travel. Greasing the lead screws did lower the resistance a lot for me.