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David Rust
10-01-2013, 8:23 PM
Need opinions on the best way to line up an engraving that is done in two pieces...

I have a coffee table top for a customer that is too wide for my Helix, I plan to burn 1/2 of the engraving with the front door open (with all safety provisions of course).

When I flip the table for the second half I need to align it perfectly...

Any Tips, Tricks, Advice, Warnings, Gotcha's, etc....

My current plan is to put one index mark at the half way point on each side of the engraving and then mask 1/2 of the engraving with a white box in Corel, then burn.
Next I will flip the Corel engraving and white box mask it to expose the second half of the engraving.
Then flip the table top around, and realign the two index marks with the flipped engraving in Corel and burn the second half.

I've done this before but there was a noticeable, slight misalignment.... I hope to avoid that this time with everyone's help!!!


Joe Pelonio
10-01-2013, 9:20 PM
One thing to try: After doing the first half, apply transfer tape to the second half. Set the laser on low power/fast speed to barely engrave onto transfer tape (test on scrap first). Use masking tape on 5-6 places in your machine and the 2nd half with pen marks to be able to line up exactly the same again, or adjust as needed. After engraving the transfer tape line up with the first piece to see how you did. repeat as needed until you have it right, then do the real engraving. Slow tedious work, hope you are making good money on it.

David Rust
10-02-2013, 6:08 PM
Thanks Joe, great idea..... that should work perfectly!