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Bernie Weishapl
05-30-2005, 12:05 PM
Well went to an estate auction on Saturday. Came away with a few toys as the better half would say. I went to get the compound mitre saw they had listed. When I got there I found out he had purchased it just before he passed away and didn't even have it out of the box. I got it for $67.50. The other thing I bought was a DC. It is a Delta AP300. The small one bag unit which he had turned on and just used once. They tried for about 10 minutes to get a bid of $150, then dropped to $125, then to $100. Finally one of his kids said just sell it. He finally asked if anyone one would give $45. I raised my hand and he said sold. I hadn't intended on buying it but at that price. So now I will get a Penn State 1 Micron bag for it since I found out Delta does not sell anything smaller than 30 micron. Highland Hardware has a sealed fiber seperator unit which the gentleman told me would only affect the static pressure by 2 %. He says he has the AP300 with the seperator unit in his small shop and he said it will collect 99 % of the debris. So we will see.

By the way I also picked up 4 old Stanley planes in excellent condition. 2 were smaller block planes, a #7 and a #4 smoothing plane for $27.50.

All in all was a good weekend.


Bill Lewis
05-30-2005, 4:20 PM
Good Deal!

I love it when I go to an auction and still get a good deal or two. It doesn't happen very often around here anymore. Usually bidding frenzies run used or nearly new stuff to over the price of new retail.

You know, to qualify as a gloat, you gotta post some pics. Otherwise, the least you can do is tell us which CMS you bought.

Byron Trantham
05-30-2005, 4:33 PM
NICE haul! You really did have a great weekend! :D

Bernie Weishapl
05-30-2005, 4:59 PM
The compound mitre saw is a new craftsman. I cut a picture frame on it using oak and it cut 45 deg just fine. I put a 80 tooth blade on it and no splinters, etc. at all. Cut really smooth. Haven't got the dust collector out of the box yet will post pictures of it with the seperator when I get everything hooked up.

By the way Bryon I have been prompted to grandpa also and will post pictures of the rocking horse when completed. I am taking it down to Virginia to the grandson next month. Excited about this one.