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steven c newman
09-01-2013, 7:34 PM
Ok picked up two block planes yesterday. One looks like Stanley made a 9-1/2 for Great Neck Tool co. Only marking is the words GREAT NECK cast into the nose on the base.

now, about that other block plane. Base is 6-1/2 " long, and is just a hair under 2" wide. Some things point to an American Boy style of plane, somethings don't . 269888an exploded view of the cleaned up plane. Knob is a fancy one. opening in the cap iron is strange. 269889(before the clean-up) note the adjuster wheel. Flat piece of steel with lobes sticking out. Base casting does have a few markings on it. Instead of raised letters for Made in USA, they are incised into the iron. Dead center on the ramp the iron sits on is a "3". Behind it is a "U" inside a circle. Behind that is a "11" inside a circle. No markings on the iron. The cap iron, does have a "12" and a "U" stamped into it. Ring any bells out there??

Unrelated to this plane, but checking out the other one, looking for markings269890 check out the ramp area on this GN clone of a Stanley 9-1/2. Looks like a block letter "C" with the back towards the opening of the mouth. Ever see one like that? total cost of these two was $8....

Judson Green
09-01-2013, 11:11 PM
Can't speak to all your questions but the last I can. And yes I have seen a C shape like that before. A Stanley 220. Didn't look up what type it is but I can't imagine its that old.

269916 269917

steven c newman
09-02-2013, 6:23 PM
Seems the Great Neck one is a dead ringer (other than that name cast on the nose) for a Stanley #9-1/2.270061270062270063Sitting next to a Sargent made #306( marked as a Craftsman) As for the other plane270064270065270066Sitting with a Stanley #110, and is about 1/2" shorter, but the same width. iron just might, finally be square across, and sharp270067at least for Black Cerry edge grain...

steven c newman
09-02-2013, 8:41 PM
Not sure about block planes, but Ohio Tool Co. used to put an "0" in front of a Bench plane's number, like an "05" that is sitting in a store @ Anna, Ohio, for $30.

Don't know if that circled U is for Ohio Tool, or Union Tool. Never seen a wheel like that, seems to be cut by a "cookie-cutter" for steel.

Didn't "American Boy" brand have a turned knob like that? Or was it Union? Again, nothing was stamped on the iron, either..

Jim Koepke
09-02-2013, 9:14 PM
The U appears on many makers planes. I believe it was a foundry mark. Not sure which foundry, but it even appears on Stanley planes.

Union plane Company was spun off of Union Tools and sold to Stanley about 1920.


steven c newman
09-03-2013, 10:42 AM
Seen lots of "U"s on planes, too. But not as a circled one. Cap iron does have a u on it along with the cavity number 12. seems to be a dozen were cast at a time? The front knob does look a little firmiliar. But, I haven't seen a wheel like that. Seen lots of stanley ones (not even close) Millers Falls ones( nope not them either) and a few sargent made ones( strike three) so, is this a One-of thing? There is also a circle with an "11" inside it, cavity number again? and a "3" right in the middle of the ramp. Cap iron has a squared off hole in it, no round corners. The only traces of anything red was inside the bottom of the knob.

ps: I have had several of the pre-sale union bench planes in the past.

James Taglienti
09-03-2013, 1:50 PM
There's really no telling. There are tons of those little block planes around, many have different casting marks. I bet some were other block planes that were themselves used to cast even more. Some were in kids tool kits, some were in old school do all tool kits like the china made ones we see now in the blow molded plastic cases, others were sold outright. Trying to figure it out will drive you nuts. When I left Illinois I scrapped about 300 lbs of cast iron, mostly broken planes, but I bet there were close to a dozen of those un named 110 type planes in there.