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Terry Hatfield
05-27-2005, 8:28 PM

Howdy everyone,

Last weekend began the prep work for my new storage building. YIPPEEE!!

Here's the old one.

<IMG SRC ="http://www.terryhatfield.com/sb5.JPG">

Ain't she a nice one???? I've hated this building since we bought it 10 years ago. The 4' side walls are useless for shelving. It's also just about to fall down thus the new storage building project that I've been wanting to do for a couple years.

I decided that behind the veggie garden next to the privacy fence would be the best spot. I measured out the area and Round up'ed the grass. I got my brother to bring his tractor and do some excavation work right where the building will be so the floor would be as low as possible. I was concerned about my lawn mower high centering and I didn't want a really long ramp to make it work if the floor was way off the ground.

Here's the pad after the excavation.

<IMG SRC ="http://www.terryhatfield.com/sb1.JPG">

Materials were delivered a couple days ago and Payton gave me a hand getting all the plastic and landscape timbers down in the 16' X 25' area. I'll use the extra gravel area for parking my lawn aerator, dethatcher etc...

Yesterday morning was gravel delivery. This is when things took a turn for the worse. :( It rained a couple days earlier this week so the ground was pretty soft. When the rear tires of the dump truck hit the plastic it started to sink. The tires spun and yanked all the plastic under the truck. Dang!!! The driver spun the tires back the other way and gave me a hand getting the plastic back as well as could be. Unfortunately he had to just dump the load right there.

<IMG SRC ="http://www.terryhatfield.com/sb11.JPG">

Payton and I began shoveling. I couldn't even use my little tractor because of the same trouble with the plastic. After a good bit of shoveling we determined that we had WAY too much gravel. I covered more ground with plastic and made the pad 20 feet longer and spread the gravel. No such thing as too much parking room I guess. :D

<IMG SRC ="http://www.terryhatfield.com/sb10.JPG">

This morinin' at 7:00 sharp my good buddy Jim arrived and we began building. First was the floor system. 2X6's treated on 3 treated 4X4's on the compacted gravel should be good enough. :D

<IMG SRC ="http://www.terryhatfield.com/sb16.JPG">

By 6:30 this evening we were this far...

<IMG SRC ="http://www.terryhatfield.com/sb15.JPG">

Jim will be back for more punishment at 8:00 in the morning. Hopefully by the end of day 2 of construction it will be looking more like a storage building. Cheryl and Payton were of great help too. Payton pitched in with the framing and Cheryl spent the day priming the cedar trim and painting the siding so we got a nice head start there.

I'll post more tomorrow evening...if I'm able. I'm 'bout pooped after yesterdays shoveling and today's framing but I think it's gonna be a fine storage building.

Thanks for looking,


Jim Becker
05-27-2005, 9:16 PM
Well, that's nice, Terry! And yes, you now have plenty of nice gravel parking areas for tractor implements, etc...

Terry Hatfield
05-27-2005, 9:46 PM
Thanks Jim!!!

I can't wait for it to be done. It'll be so nice to have a good storage spot. I have extra materials to build shelves and such on the inside so I can maximize the storage. I got a lotta crap to store. Main trouble is 5 years worth of files from work. That's approx. 50 banker's boxes right there!!!


Norman Hitt
05-27-2005, 9:55 PM
EXTRA Parking??????????? Naaaaaaah, I'm not Buying it, Terry!!!!!! ;) I figure you've got some more Yard/garden Toys in mind that you just haven't told MaMa about yet, and you know that New Storeage Shed just isn't going to be Quite Big Enough. :D It'l be much easier to sell the Shed addition, since, after all, the Base is already there. :) Now be Truthful, How Close am I????? :) Of course, I could be wrong, and it's just the new pad for the future "Wood Storeage Shed". :D Gonna be a nice shed either way.

David Fried
05-27-2005, 9:57 PM
Looks nice Terry.

My house can with a shed like your old one. The doorway is an inch shorter than I am. Everytime I klonk my head I swear I'm going to build a new one!

Hope your not building that just to have more room to store planes! :D

John Miliunas
05-27-2005, 10:24 PM
I'm with David on this one...Me thinks it's going to give you more room for planes!:D Not that it's a BAD idea!:D Lookin' good, Terry. I've been trying to talk the LOML into *some* type of extra storage building, but she's just not going for it!:( Look forward to additional progress pics!:) :cool:

Dennis Peacock
05-27-2005, 10:59 PM
Congrats Terry!!!! She's lookin' purdy good there.!!! BUT....I believe that extra 20 feet of gravel space will soon be used for some needed handplane storage.!!!! :p :D

I'm really proud for ya. You've been needing a new storage building for some time now. It'll be really nice when its done. :cool: :D

Terry Hatfield
05-27-2005, 11:12 PM

I promise it's not for plane storage and I haven't bought any extra lawn or garden tools that Cheryl doesn't know about. :D

The extra 20 feet could provide some space for something else I've been wanting to do though. Drying my own wood. I've often thought abut buying some green wood from my supplier but really never had any place for it to be without having to mow around it. Now I do. :D I think I'll have enough room for my old truck and utility trailer on the new pad. That would free up the old gravel pad right behind the shop for drying wood. Now that's a capital idear. :D

I'll post more pics on Saturday nite.


Jim O'Dell
05-27-2005, 11:17 PM
Terry, your old shed looks just like the one I inherited with our porperty last year, right down to the rotting exterior wall panels!! Mines a little taller overall, but the doorway must be about the same height!!! Mine is tall enough for a little loft, only trouble is, the ceiling is about 5'10", and I'm 6'2"!! Good luck with your new one. I enjoy watching the progress. Jim.

Jerry Clark
05-27-2005, 11:51 PM
Hey Terry, did you consider putting skylights in the new shed? Sure makes a difference!:rolleyes:

Terry Hatfield
05-28-2005, 7:44 AM
Hey Terry, did you consider putting skylights in the new shed? Sure makes a difference!:rolleyes:


Skylites would have been nice but I plan to pretty much stuff the rafters full with all those things that I'll never need but can't stand to throw away. :D