View Full Version : General Metalworking Mobile Base Trailer for Band Saw, Jointer, etc.

James Marshall
08-16-2013, 5:56 PM
I recently upgraded some of my woodworking equipment. With my shop space diminishing I wanted to be able to move the equipment around when not it use. I looked at some of the mobile bases available. I have not been very impressed with the mobile bases I purchased in the past including strength and design. Most bases I ended up redesigning or welding the pieces together to increase rigidity. I have several tools that could use a mobile base so I decided to build my own.
My first idea was that it needed to be readily steerable, which most aren't. It needed to have a firm base and footing, be lockable in position, and compact. I looked at my boat trailer which needed a trailer dolly and decided to make double use of it. So, using 1" by 2" tubing, I fabricated the following mobile base trailer to go with a dolly I bought locally.
In the rear are two four inch urethane wheels. The welded joints are 45 degree so as not to need tube caps. This one is designed to fit a re-sawing band saw. You can see the trailer hitch and dolly. The hitch is mounted on an angle bracket which is in turn attached to the trailer with some 1/2" knobs that slide in a slot (shows how sure I was about my height calculations). The bracket is easily removable and attachable to other mobile bases.
I rattle can primed and painted it. If I do several I will spray it with HVLP gun.
Here it is shown with the band saw mounted. Notice to the front are two adjustable feet. At the rear are two knobs to lock the rear wheels. Once in place the hitch and bracket can be easily removed. This trailer was designed to accommodate the brake.
It worked fine and I intend to build more modifying the design as needed for the tool. The dolly will lift up to 600 lbs so there should be plenty of capacity.