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John Hart
05-26-2005, 4:34 PM
Keith Outten is graciously allowing me the opportunity to coordinate the new Saw Mill Creek Community Service Forum. The Community Service idea is really an effort to consolidate the talents of the fine people of this Forum for the purpose of bringing maybe a little joy to those who don’t get much joy in their lives. Whether you would like to make one item or a hundred items, or perhaps help in contacting institutions, or vendors, offering expertise, posting possible designs, suggesting ideas, or just lending an ear and advice, all help is welcome.

The first step to this idea is to take suggestions from everyone and that’s what this post is all about. The fundamental premise behind the Community Service Forum is to make items such as Toys, Knick Knacks, Desk Items, Kitchen Items, etc. to be given away to various institutions and charities. The Freedom Pens program has proven to be successful so this program may prove to be more inclusive for general woodworking and artisanship and include a wider range of recipients. It is our intent to arrange for discounts on materials at craft stores, lumber yards, borgs and specialty stores…but for now, we’re just floating the idea.

Ideas we are looking for right now are ideas for projects and ideas for target recipients. Anyone having suggestions for known companies that would like to participate in a Artisan Discount for us, please let me know. Many times, this needs to be approached delicately, but the rewards are worth the effort on all sides.

So, If you think you might be interested or have some ideas, please post your comments, suggestions, criticisms, hopes, fears, and previous experiences so we can evaluate the feasibility of such a program.

Thanks Much!

Michael Perata
05-26-2005, 4:57 PM

This is way cool.

I (and any other volunteers in San Jose) will be building cabinets for a Habitat for Humanity home to be built later this year.

The project will be a single home, "women built" to American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards house in mid-town San Jose.

Anyone willing to lend a hand (and get to use a MiniMax combo ;) )? I have a guy from the MiniMax forum willing, but could use a couple more hands.

John Shuk
05-26-2005, 8:20 PM
Count me in. Thank you for stepping up to the plate to do this. It can't do anything but be a positive experience.