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Bob Johnson2
05-25-2005, 5:31 PM
Looking to put an oil finish on a kayak paddle I just finished sanding and am looking for some advice on which to use. I've read where both BLO and Danish oil can be used but have experience with neither one and don;t know which would be better. I'm looking to be able to modify the paddle (cut it down a bit or sand out dings and such) without having to strip it before doing so. I'm also looking for the feel of wood not the plastic feel of poly or the like. Any help and or tip on using oils would be helpfull.


Dennis Peacock
05-26-2005, 1:15 AM

BLO and Danish Oil are really easy to apply. The Danish Oil can be applied right out of the can. So that's easy enough. Brush on plenty of D.O. and let set for about 10 minute, brush on again and let set for 10 more minutes. Wipe off the excess and let it dry for a couple of days the apply a fresh thin coat and buff off in 24 hours.
BLO will need to be thinned 50/50 with Mineral Spirits to allow better penetration of the oil into the wood fibers. Apply BLO in the same manner as the D.O. The key to this is to apply plenty of oil to begin with and wipe the excess and let dry. Then recoat later until you are happy with the sheen and feel of the finish.

Remember, an oil finish is not as tough a finish as Marine Spar Varnish or poly. So you'll need to reapply the oil to the wood from time to time to keep it well protected from the water. An oil finish is easy to repair and the repair basically disappears when done. You can spot fix an oil finish with very good success.

I don't know if I've helped you any, but I hope I have at least helped a little. :rolleyes: :D

Bob Johnson2
05-26-2005, 9:30 PM
Thanks Dennis

I'm going to try mixng Linseed and Tung oils 50/50 per the paddle designers recommendation. He doesn't mention to thin it, but I'm going to, 50/50. The author also mentions to heat just below a boil before brushing it on, as he's talking BLO is there any benefit to this heating? Has anyone heated BLO or Tung Oil before?

Dennis Peacock
05-27-2005, 1:01 AM

Heating the mix is to allow for better and deeper penetration of the oils due to them being thinner by applying heat. PLEASE be careful. Too hot and you'll have a serious oil fire on your hands rather quickly. :eek: