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Martin Boekers
08-02-2013, 2:31 PM
I recently got a flyer with a vinyl order about a show in St Louis. Not much info on it... I went to the web page and they wanted a login so I created an account and it took me to a page saying they wanted $40 a month.... Hmmmmm didn't say what you got for that $480 a year so needless to say I didn't "subscribe" is anyone familiar with this organization? Does it cost to attend these shows? Thanks www.ngnconnectshows.com (http://www.ngnconnectshows.com)

Joe Pelonio
08-02-2013, 9:15 PM
Like other industries, there are free shows and those that have to be paid for. This one is actually an organization that you join, and must be a member to attend. Others I have seen will have things like a forum for members, discounts (Hmm, we get that free here) and at the shows classroom seminars. I wouldn't do it but I suppose it could be useful for some people.

Keith Outten
08-03-2013, 1:52 PM
I have been purchasing commercial graphics through the years and I guess at this point I am now ahead of the game financially. I have built up a nice graphics library and I rarely have the need to add to my inventory anymore. In the beginning it was a bit expensive but now I am glad that I made the investment. As Joe indicated there is a wealth of free graphics here at SawMill Creek and I often go to the DVD's and find files and drawings that are just the ticket. I made myself a custom DVD that has all of the Engraving and CNC files which is a great resource for my shop.

These days I seem to be inundated with email from this company or that offering access to graphic libraries and they all want a monthly fee. Honestly, I don't see a benefit for a small shop.
The software companies are also getting on this same band wagon looking to convert everyone to an annual subscription which I have decided not to participate.

Frank barry
08-03-2013, 3:41 PM
any free graphic you can get when you are starting out is invaluable and a big help
Keith where in sawmill can you get them
Thanks in advance