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Anthony Yakonick
05-12-2003, 11:57 PM
Hey, what are you folks using? I'm looking for one for general purpose and some web work.


Dr. Zack Jennings
05-13-2003, 1:07 AM
Sony DSCf 717 Great Camera

Jim Becker
05-13-2003, 9:10 AM
Currently, a Nikon Coolpix 880, but my "heart" is set on a D-100 or Fuji S-2 one of these days as they will also use my existing Nikon SLR lenses. My only complaints with digital photography so far are poor battery life (rechargability wanes too quickly) and that delay that all digitals have between when you push the button and when the picture actually gets taken. No problem for still life photos and documenting work, but challenging for "candid" photos with living, breathing creatures that move... :rolleyes:

Update....after purusing the digi-cam reviews mentioned in a later post, I think that "I'm in love" with the Nikon CooPix 5700. Everything I want without going up in size and weight as the above mentioned units would require and at half the price. (Not much more than I originally paid for the 880) Sheesh! This is just like power tools... :D

Glenn Clabo
05-13-2003, 10:21 AM
I've been very interested in photography for most of my life so I have almost as much money in camera equipment as woodworking tools. I'm a VERY big Canon fan...mostly because of the lenses I have invested in. I'm currently using the D-60 which is now being "replaced" by the D-10. These are expensive cameras that are not something you really need for general purpose or web work. They are being used by many pros along with the 1Ds. Look at the next sporting event and you'll see mostly big gray lenses...they are Canon L,s.

LOML has a Canon PowerShot S30...which is not made anymore. The Canon PowerShot S45 is the newest...at this minute...of this type. It has 3.9 million effective pixels and a 35 mm - 105 mm (3x) zoom lens.

There are less expensive ones out there that are fine for what you have stated your need as. I'd go to a camera shop and touch and feel as many as you can. Then you can look at the reviews...and make a decision. Just remember cameras and camera equipment are like tools...opinions are many and sometimes they can provoke VERY heated discussions.

Check out this website for reviews of many digicams ... dpreview.com (http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/)

Good luck....

Bruce Page
05-13-2003, 11:27 AM
I have the Olympus C-4000 Zoom. It's a great camera for the money.

This link has a lot more info:


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keith zimmerman
05-13-2003, 6:55 PM
I just purchased my first decent digital camera. I got an Olympus D-380 at a "special" price at Office Max. It is 2 megapixel. I love Olympus point-and-shoot cameras. I also have a 35mm model.

I mainly purchased this camera to use for photographing my work in the shop, but is has an excellent lens and a macro setting, so will also work well for general pictorial photos.


Sparky Paessler
05-14-2003, 9:26 AM
I bought a Canon A70 in April and Love it! It is 3.2 meg pixal with a 3X optical zoom. Also has a macro mode for thost close up shots. It of course has the great Canon optics. I have taken several pictures and printed them out 8X10 and the quality is great! Lots of features and settings, but also a full auto mode for those noncamera types. One other thing is that it has a ring at the base of the lense that comes off and you attach an adapter there and can then use filters or accessory lenses with it. I got a great deal from www.priceler.com

Anthony Yakonick
05-14-2003, 1:50 PM
Thanks folks, after a few days of research I've picked a Fuji Finepix 3800 3.2mp and all the bells and whistles.


Andrew Field
05-17-2003, 2:21 AM
Best prosumer camera out there is the Canon G3 (not just my opinion). You can check out the ultimate review site at http://www.dpreview.com.

Go with a camera that takes type2 Compact Flash because then you can use a microdrive (I use a 1GB micro drive that holds 550 of the highest quality pictures).

Get a camera that uses a special battery. Regular AA batteries wear out too fast. The canon battery lasts over 3 hrs of continous use and charges in less then 1 hour.

Ted Shrader
05-18-2003, 2:52 PM
Anthony -

We have a Canon PowerShot G2 4 MegaPixel camera. Takes great photos and is very versatile. Multiple automatic modes as well as programmed manual modes - aperture or shutter priority or pure manual.

For general photography get a camera that has at least 3 mega pixel capacity. You can always scale back for specific photos, but 3 mp will get you a pretty decent 8X10 print.

An additional source for reviews is Steve's Digicams (http://www.steves-digicams.com/). The reviews cover cameras, printers, as well as some other related peripherals.

Good luck,

Ken Salisbury
05-18-2003, 5:27 PM
I just bought a new Sony DCS-P71, 3.2 mega pixel camera yesterday to replace my 5 year old Olympus 600 DL. Man I can't believe all the features on this neat little camera. I played with it most of yesterday afternoon trying to become familiar with all of the features. It will probably take me a couple more weeks to learn how to use this thing. It just has so many different ways to use it --- it boggles your mind.

I thought it was a great buy at $249.00 compared to what I paid for my Olympus ($600.00) 5 years ago. HALF as much money and a couple of orders of magnitude more in features. Ain't technology wonderful !!!

A sample of my first try with it. Not perfect - poor lighting conditions, but an order of magnitude better than my old Olympus, especially on close-ups.

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<IMG src="http://www.kenswoodcentral.com/comfortset.jpg">

Anthony Yakonick
05-19-2003, 12:31 AM
I bought the Fuji and it seems to be a good unit it was in the price range and had the things I wanted.

Thanks, Anthony