View Full Version : Glass engraving - defeating the "funnel" effect on glasses w/ non-uniform top/bottom

Garrett Nors
07-27-2013, 5:21 PM
I have seen a post before but I haven't been able to search it up. We are doing some logos on glasses like these:


And I know there's a way to make the tops of the images a little wider than the bottoms so that it comes out looking normal and not squished at the top of the image.... I just can't find it.

I have tried adding perspective but I feel like the perspective itself makes it look off......maybe I should just try it but I wanted to know if anyone had the thread on hand so that I could re-read it and familiarize myself with the proper technique.

Dan Hintz
07-27-2013, 7:14 PM
I don't have the thread on hand (though I participated, so tailoring your search to my username may help narrow down the choices).

In a nutshell, though, you want to warp the image in the opposite fashion as the item it's going on. For example, you want the top of the image to be widened compared to the bottom. It will look off on the screen, but better on the glass.

Rodne Gold
07-28-2013, 3:30 AM
If your rotary allows it , you can tilt it up at one end. If you are not using a rotary - tilt the glass at one end.

Steve Clarkson
07-28-2013, 10:56 AM
First, let me preface this by saying that I HATE my rotary attachment and would much rather take a sharp stick in the eye rather than use it. The way I do glasses that have different widths is to measure the circumference of the top of the glass (let's say it is 5") and then measure the circumference of the middle of the glass where it will be engraved (let's say it is 10") then divide them (5"/10"=50% or is it 10"/5"=200%? I can't remember, so try it both ways). Then put this percentage in the y-axis percentage box (on your toolbar at the top left.....normally it is 100% and on my Corel page it is the third box from the left). This will either stretch or squish your graphic (depending on whether the middle of the glass is fatter or thinner than the top of the glass) and should give you a pretty normal looking engraving. Oh, and did I mention that I HATE my rotary attachment?

Jesse Anderson
07-29-2013, 2:35 PM
This is my experience and personal opinion. Not debating about anything.

I love my rotary attachment.... I say it is the easiest money maker in my store... Can pump out a few hundred glasses a day...Get the glasses for less than a dollar and make 2 dollars profit per glass wholesale... I have engraved all shapes and sizes... I never really had to stretch a glass out... I stick with what people enjoy drinking out of.. Beer Steins. and Pilsnar glasses... When u get into crazy shapes and martini glasses... Forget it !

In the end ... In most cases some one will drink out of your glass.. People rarely look at the glass and say.. Hey i do not like the size or shape of this glass... Or this logo looks all stretched out... They just want to drink out of it.. or bring home a nice gift or memento.....

I stay away from glasses that have weird slopes or undesired shapes... If the radius is off just a little bit then i will take it.. But if the glass looks like it is made by a company called Picaso Glass Ware and Oblong zig zag glass company... Ehhhh i just rather buy a nice beer glass or mug...

Plus the glass you posted in your picture.... I would have no problem engraving it. Can get the same glass for a dollar in fact.... I just engrave the area that looks the best to engrave... 4 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch center engraving would work perfect...